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Frequently Asked Questions from Degree Candidates

Commencement is the ceremony for graduation applicants that are projected to successfully complete their degree requirements that term. There are two commencement ceremonies held each year: one at the end of the spring term and one at the end of the fall term.

Note: There is not a commencement ceremony at the end of the summer term. Summer graduates have the option to walk in the spring prior or the fall following the summer term in which they will complete their final degree requirements. If summer graduates choose to walk in the spring ceremony their names will not appear in the spring ceremony program. However, all summer graduates’ names will appear in the fall ceremony program.

Graduation is the process of submitting a graduation application, successful completion of all degree requirements, and the conferral of a student’s degree. This process will take place at the end of each spring, summer, and fall term. Degrees are not awarded in the middle of a term.

The application is only good for the term you complete it. You must contact the Graduation Office to have them cancel your application. You will need to reapply through MyUTK. However, your application must be cancelled before you can reapply.

Immediately contact your academic advisor or your graduation specialist at 865-946-3866.

No. You must have your student profile corrected before applying to graduate.

Contact your academic advisor or department to have them correct your student profile; however, if you have already applied to graduate, contact your graduation specialist.

DARS, short for Degree Audit Reporting System, is an automated system that compares a student’s completed coursework with the requirements for their degree and produces a report (sometimes called an audit) detailing their progress towards that degree. The report also lists the classes that need to be taken making it a great planning tool for future semesters. All of this information is contained in your DARS report which is available online via MyUTK.

More information on DARS

You should be able to see the catalog you are following in your DARS report. You may also ask your academic advisor. Students generally use the catalog year under which they entered the university. However, you are able to use any catalog that has been in effect during your attendance at UT provided the catalog has been in effect within six years of the date of graduation.

No. There is not a graduation fee for undergraduate students.

Students are able to purchase caps and gowns at the VolShop in the Student Union.

Please note two important university policies: the 60-hour Rule, which requires a student to take a minimum of 60 hours of their degree requirements at a four-year academic institution, and the 30-hour Rule, which requires a student to take their final 30 hours of coursework at UT.

Your academic advisor and the dean of your college must approve any exception to these two rules.

The diploma and transcript will show your official graduation honors, which is based on your cumulative average at the end of your graduation term. (See details regarding honors categories for graduation on the Academic Policies and Procedures page of the undergraduate catalog for the academic year in which you graduated.)

The honors category shown in the Commencement program is unofficial and is based on your cumulative average at the end of the term prior to the graduation term. Your cumulative GPA could change once your final term is complete, which might change your honors category..

Complete the diploma order form and mail it to the Office of the University Registrar at the address on the form, along with a cashier’s check or money order made payable to The University of Tennessee in the amount of $25.00. If you have additional questions, email

Submit a diploma order form showing the new diploma name. Include a copy of a legal document proving the name change. Examples of acceptable documents include birth certificate, driver’s license, divorce decree, and social security card. We cannot accept a copy of a marriage license or marriage certificate. If you have additional questions, email