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Frequently Asked Questions from Degree Candidates


I received a cancellation letter from the Graduation Office. What do I do?

Immediately contact a graduation specialist by calling One Stop Student Services at 865-974-1111.

What is a DARS report?

DARS, short for Degree Audit Reporting System, is an automated system that compares a student’s completed coursework with the requirements for their degree and produces a report (sometimes called an audit) detailing their progress towards that degree. The report also lists the classes that need to be taken making it a great planning tool for future semesters. All of this information is contained in your DARS report which is available online via MyUTK.

More information on DARS

I need to cancel my graduation application. Can you update my application?

No. The application is only good for the term you complete it. You must contact the Graduation Office to have them cancel your application. You will need to reapply through MyUTK. However, your application must be cancelled before you can reapply.

My student profile is not correct. Where do I go to correct it?

Contact your academic advisor or department to have them correct your student profile.

Can I apply for graduation and then have my student profile corrected?

No. You must have your student profile corrected before applying to graduate.

I have heard my last semester does not count. Is this true?

Your last semester does count. All degree requirements must be met in order for you to graduate.

What university policies do I need to be aware of?

Refer to the degree requirements section of your Undergraduate Catalog.

Is there a fee for graduation?

No. There is not a graduation fee for undergraduate students.

How do I know which catalog year I should be following?

Students generally use the catalog year under which they entered the university. However, you are able to use any catalog that has been in effect during your attendance at UT provided the catalog has been in effect within six years of the date of graduation.

I need to take my last class at another school. What do I need to do?

Please note two important university policies: the 60-hour Rule, which requires a student to take a total of at least 60 hours of their degree requirements at a four-year academic institution, and the 30-hour Rule, which requires a student to take their final 30 hours of coursework at UT.

Your academic advisor and the dean of your college must approve any exception to these two rules.

How do I declare my major?

After satisfying any prerequisite coursework or GPA requirements (consult the Undergraduate Catalog), students should go to their advising center to complete the necessary paperwork. They will then be directed to the respective department to be assigned a faculty advisor.

I don’t understand why my DARS report says I need more classes than I think I do. What should I do?

Contact your academic advisor to discuss your Degree Audit.

My diploma is wrong. Who do I need to see to get it corrected?

Contact Jacqueline H. Jones, 202 Student Services Building, 865-974-1157.

How do I get an additional copy of my diploma?

Contact Jacqueline H. Jones, 202 Student Services Building, 865-974-1157.


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