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Steps to Undergraduate Graduation

Specific dates/deadlines for completing the following steps can be found on the Graduation Overview page.

You will have the opportunity to select your diploma name when you submit your application for graduation.

Diplomas will be mailed to the permanent address the University has on record for you in MyUTK unless otherwise specified on your graduation application.

After your application for graduation has been submitted you must send diploma mailing address or diploma name changes to To change your legal name at UTK, you must submit a Change of Name Request form along with the appropriate documentation. Unless otherwise specified, the name on your diploma will be the name that the University has on record for you.

**Note: Submitting an address change through MyUTK will not change your diploma mailing address. You must email the correct address to to update this information.**

Important information regarding graduation deadlines and the commencement ceremony will be sent to your UTK email address in the term of graduation.

The names of student who have a privacy restriction on their records will not be included in the commencement program. If you are a privacy student and would like to be included, please contact the Office of the University Registrar immediately (attention: Charlene Ingle), 209 Student Services Building, 865-974-1501, or by email to, to find out if this applies to you.

Deadline dates are published online on the Deadlines to Apply for Graduation page.

Apply for graduation online through MyUTK by the deadline. It is very important that your student profile information is up to date before submitting your application. This includes your degree(s), major(s), concentration(s), minor(s), and catalog year.

You may apply for graduation by going to Academic Resources in MyUTK. Before submitting your graduation application, please view your profile information. If your student profile information is not correct, you should contact one of the following depending on your classification:

  • Undergraduate students should contact their college advising center and/or department to have the correct information entered into the system. Undergraduate students who have other questions, contact One Stop Student Services Center at 865-974-1111.
  • Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for information on changing academic programs.
  • Law students should contact Sheryl Branson in the Student Records Office at 865-974-6790 to have the correct information entered into the system.
  • Veterinary Medicine students should contact the associate dean for academic student affairs, 865-974-7263, to have the correct information entered into the system.

You are encouraged to print your DARS audit often. The audit will list courses that you have taken and requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to successfully complete your degree. You should review your audit with your academic advisor to ensure that you will meet all graduation requirements by your projected graduation date. You can print your DARS audit by going to MyUTK.

If you determine that you will not meet the graduation requirements by the graduation date for which you have applied, contact the Graduation Office to cancel your application.

If you have cancelled a previous application for graduation, you must reapply by filling out another graduation application for the term you will actually complete your degree requirements.

In addition to carefully reviewing your degree audit, review all materials sent to you from the Graduation Office. In a student’s final semester, all candidates for an undergraduate degree will be sent emails pertaining to graduation that includes important information and reminders regarding deadlines.

You will receive emails (sent to your university email address) from the registrar’s graduation staff. Be sure to check your email account for this important information.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact One Stop Student Services Center at 865-974-1111 for assistance.

Participation in the commencement ceremony is optional. However, if you plan to attend your ceremony, you must purchase a cap and gown in order to participate.

Candidates for graduate degrees (master’s, education specialists, and doctoral) must purchase a commencement hood. These may be purchased at the VolShop. Please read the sheet supplied by the VolShop graduation supply counter and/or read the commencement information on Graduate Student Deadline Dates for Graduation for specific dates.

Contact the VolShop for additional information. Call -865-946-7467 or email

Undergraduates are not required to pay a graduation fee in order to participate in their commencement ceremony.

If you are a graduating student and wish to participate in a university commencement ceremony, you are REQUIRED to reserve a seat. In order to reserve a seat, you must submit an RSVP here.

Diplomas will be withheld until the loan interview is completed. Completion of this interview is a federal requirement.

Type of Loan  Contact for Appointment 
Perkins and Institutional Loans Bursar’s Office
211 Student Services Building
Federal Direct Loans (formerly Stafford Loans) Exit Counseling

All financial obligations to the University of Tennessee, such as library fines, traffic fines, rent, and phone bills must be paid before a diploma or transcript can be issued.

To clear financial obligations, please visit One Stop Student Services. Contact them by phone at 865-974-1111.

You can also clear financial obligations online via MyUTK.

We will post commencement schedules on this website when they are available.

Your name and the degree awarded to you are included on the diploma. In addition, if you are an undergraduate and you graduate with honors, that honors designation is included on your diploma.

An original of your diploma may be ordered at a charge of $25. To order an additional diploma, complete the Duplicate Diploma Order Form. The form is an interactive PDF file. You can complete the form online, print it and mail to the address on the form.

Graduates can have their diplomas mounted on a plaque at the University Book and Supply Store.

If you have questions, please email

Graduation is just around the corner. Congratulations!

Don’t forget to complete one important step on your pre-graduation checklist. Take a few minutes to complete your Career Profile and let the Center for Career Development know what your post-graduation plans are. By keeping accurate records of the first job that UT students are placed into, or of the first job that UT students are placed into, or of the plans that UT students have made to further their education after graduating, we can help future Vols better prepare to enter the workforce or to apply for graduate or professional school.

The profile only takes a few minutes to complete. Do it now so you can check it off your list and move one step closer to graduation!

An Academic History can be accessed via MyUTK under Academic Resources.