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2022 Spring Exam

2022 Fall Exam



Fall 2022 Final Exam Note: Final exams in fully-online classes must be online exams.  Final exams in hybrid and face-to-face classes can be either online or face-to-face exams.  A synchronous final exam, whether online or face-to-face, may be no longer than two hours in duration. You will notice that indicated time slots are longer than two hours to provide a time for students to navigate any technical issues that arise. Some departments may choose to use the extra time to carry out a staged roll-out of a final exam; for example, 1/3 of the students may begin the exam at 8:00 am, another 1/3 at 8:05 am, and another 1/3 at 8:10 am.

Key Date Calendars

2023 Winter Mini and Spring Key Date
2022 Fall Key Date
2022 Summer Key Date
2022 Winter Mini and Spring Key Date


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