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DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) is an automated record of a student’s academic progress toward degree completion in his/her major and minor. The DARS audit is a report that contains all requirements and subrequirements for a specific degree program on file in the Office of the University Registrar.

DARS staff enter degree requirement information including majors and concentrations into the system. The DARS program automatically reads the student’s academic history information and places the courses taken within the context of the correct requirement.

DARS audits are available at MyUTK.

DARS takes its information from the online student record; therefore, it contains the most current data. DARS summarizes your progress to date and explains what is needed for completion of your degree. It facilitates the advisement process allowing less time spent reviewing requirements and more time for academic planning. DARS calculates your GPA, total hours earned, and any special GPA needed for coursework in the major.

Yes. Your DARS audit provides a reliable tool to assist you and your advisor in making wise course selections that support your academic goals.

A “what if” DARS report can be run for any major that has been implemented in DARS. The DARS audit will then show how courses that you have already completed will be applied to a new major.

Transfer courses and other requirements/courses which have been petitioned appear on the audit when entered by your college advising office staff or graduation specialist. Petitions are entered during the last semester prior to graduation. Contact your advisor or advising office with any questions pertaining to your DARS audit.

DARS is a document designed for colleges, deans, advisors, and students to use as an advising tool and to check graduation requirements. Final certification of degree requirements rests with the Office of the University Registrar, 209 Student Services.