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Timetable Scheduling Guidelines

Spring 2022 Timetable

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The following goals have been identified for the development of the Spring 2022 Timetable:

  • All space will be assigned to view when the Timetable goes live for students to ensure students have the ability to make informed decisions regarding their individual course schedule each term.
  • The Timetable will be maximized to utilize more times of day throughout the week to ensure academic space can be assigned most effectively.

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Guiding Principles

  • Provide students with opportunities to build a flexible and accessible course schedule that enables progress toward degree completion.
  • Pay particular attention to the spread of upper‐ and lower‐division offerings, to avoid unnecessary conflicts for students.
  • Collaborate with other departments when planning cross-departmental offerings to avoid unnecessary conflicts for students. Examples include co‐requisites, cohort courses, and courses required for minors.

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  1. Target course allocations should include no more than 70 percent of all departmental sections may be scheduled during “prime time,” denoted by classes starting at the following times:


  2. In order for a section to be scheduled in a campus-hosted classroom, the enrollment of the section must meet at least 80 percent of the capacity of the room. If 80 percent capacity is not met, the section is subject to relocation.
  3. Sections whose capacities are set at less than the published minimum for the course level should be assigned to departmentally controlled space. If the sections are left to be scheduled into campus-hosted space, the priority will be low, and there is no guarantee that a campus-hosted room assignment will be available. (Minimum standards for scheduling are 15 for lower-division undergraduate, 12 for upper-division undergraduate, and 9 for graduate.) This does not apply to classes that begin after 5 p.m.
  4. Sections that are offered at invalid start or end times will not be guaranteed to be assigned campus-hosted space. Sections will need to shift to valid class times to be assigned campus-hosted space.  Some exceptions for sections with invalid class times may be accommodated based on a holistic review by the Vice Provost, Associate Dean and Office of University Registrar.
  5. No one-day-a-week sections may be built within prime time unless the department will be scheduling the section in departmentally owned space.
  6. Classroom space across all of campus––including the west (agriculture) campus––will be utilized to provide efficient and appropriate classroom assignments according to all currently approved guidelines.
  7. Changes made by schedulers after the timetable goes live will be limited to adjustments with no impact to space assignment.

    • Instructor assignment or change

    • Cancelation of section

    • Capacity that does not impact space assignment

      Changes that result in impact to space assignments will be required to be requested through the Office of University Registrar and tracked via regular reporting.

Valid Class Times

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Spring 2022 timetable plan and deadlines were established to meet UT’s goal of having all space assigned before the timetable goes live for students to view on October 18. However, we understand there may be a need for individualized support and assistance. The Registrar team will host pre-scheduled meetings with campus schedulers and is available to provide additional assistance and consultation upon request. In addition, October 5th – 8th will be utilized for specialized consultation periods and to finalize outstanding timetable needs in collaboration with college partners.  

Yes. Departments can replace a class that meets in prime time with a new class/section (even if offered at a difference valid prime time class period). Note: the same classroom assignment is not guaranteed. Prime time allocations and guidelines are designed to efficiently manage the overall number of sections and classroom spaces utilized during peak instructional periods.

No. Recitations and discussions must utilize the 8:00 or 8:30 AM time blocks or those starting at or after 2:15 or 2:50 PM.

No. Recitations and discussions must utilize the 8:00 or 8:30 AM time blocks or those starting at or after 2:15 or 2:50 PM.

While MW classes are not excluded from prime time blocks, recitations must be scheduled outside of prime time (including Fridays).

Decisions regarding modality should be made at the Department and Dean level including determinations on the modality for discussion/recitation sections. Online sections can be asynchronous or synchronous and require a meeting line in the timetable to make students aware of the additional online requirement. The CRN would require a Hybrid modality designation. Note it is possible to offer discussions/recitations during prime time IF the modality is online and in-person class periods take place in departmentally owned space.

Classroom assignments have been maintained for the 4-day a week classes. As long as the department doesn’t change the times of these classes, the classroom assignments will be maintained.

Changes to course modality should be determined and managed by departmental administration (department head or dean). Schedulers should contact the Registrar timetable team if a new section is added to the timetable or if an existing section changes modalities so that the correct modality attribute can be assigned. 

Yes, space in Humanities Building has been reserved for use on Saturdays. Schedulers should indicate recitations and/or courses on Saturdays using the valid class times for MWF or TR, which will appear as available sections in the Banner table (visible beginning Monday, September 27).