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uTrack Overview

uTrack Policy

The uTrack policy can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog, under the Academic Policies and Procedures section.


Quick Facts About uTrack

    • uTrack is like an academic GPS system, guiding students to their destination—a timely graduation.
    • Allows students to see which courses they must successfully complete—and when they must complete them—to graduate on time.
    • Alerts students if they get off track with their coursework or grades.
    • Prompts students to change majors if they don’t get back on track.

    • uTrack starts in Fall 2013 with first-time, first-year, full-time, degree-seeking students. Students who begin in Summer 2013 will also be tracked. (Their full-time status will be based on Fall enrollment.)
    • Begins tracking transfer students who enroll in the summer or fall of 2015.
    • Does NOT apply to students enrolled at UT prior to Summer 2013.

    • On-time graduation is important to our students, their families, UT, and our state.
    • Students who graduate in four years incur less debt, don’t risk losing scholarships with time or credit hour limits.
    • Makes the university more efficient in providing classroom instruction.
    • State funding requires successful retention and graduation rates.
    • Important part of our Top 25 plan.

    • Based on academic performance, uTrack helps students select an appropriate major.
        • All entering students will have declared a major or exploratory track.
        • “College exploratory” = trying to decide among majors in a single college
        • “University exploratory” = trying to decide among majors in different colleges
        • Students in exploratory tracks must select a major by the end of their fourth tracking semester.


  • uTrack will ensure that students are progressing toward a timely graduation.
    • Term-by-term plans and milestones for each major are available in the Undergraduate Catalog.
    • Students will be able to run their uTrack reports 24/7 through MyUTK.
    • uTrack takes snapshots of students’ progress in fall and spring semesters to determine whether the student is on- or off-track.
    • Students are still encouraged to participate in Study Abroad and Co-op opportunities—they will not be tracked during those semesters.
  • uTrack alerts students and advisors when a student is off-track.
    • If off-track at the end of one tracking semester, student must meet with their advisor to plan a path to get back on track.
    • If off-track for two consecutive tracking semesters, student must meet with an advisor to select a new major.
    • Tracking status will be displayed in MyUTK and on the Academic History.
    • Advisors will be able to see the student’s full tracking history in Self-Service Banner.
    • Mini and summer terms are not tracking semesters, but they provide great opportunities to catch up and get back on track.