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Spring 2020 Grading Mode Change

We are offering undergraduate students one final opportunity to modify their current academic grading modes or choose to forgo any changes for the Spring 2020 semester. This will be your final opportunity to change your grading mode.

Please make your selection no later than Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at at 5 p.m. EDT.

How does this impact when degrees will be awarded?

  • If you choose “I do not wish to request a grading mode change:” For students that meet all degree requirements and make this selection, UT will begin awarding their degrees promptly.
  • If you take no action on the form or if you request a grading mode change: Your degree will be awarded by June 16. In the meantime, if you have completed your degree requirements, your graduation specialist will be happy to provide you with a letter of certification to offer to prospective employers, grad schools, etc. if needed prior to June 16.

Please make your selection no later than Monday, June 8, 2020 at at 5 p.m. EDT.

If you request to change from the S/CR/NC grading to A-F grading and the change lowers your GPA, your financial aid and scholarships may be impacted for future semesters. Contact if you have specific questions.

To access the request form:

  1. Log into MyUTK
  2. Click on “Academic Support” in the top menu
  3. Select “**Spring 2020 Grading Mode Change Request**”

If you have already requested a grading mode change with your academic advisor, please review your Submitted Requests section of the form to verify that it accurately reflects your intended selections.

Your choices

On this form, you can view your course grades to determine if you would like to update your grading mode in any Spring 2020 courses.

You may choose to:

  • Keep your current grading mode by selecting “I do not wish to request a grading mode change.”
  • Request a change from satisfactory/credit/no-credit (S/CR/NC) grading to A-F grading
  • Request a change from A-F grading to satisfactory/credit/no-credit (S/CR/NC) grading
  • Take no action and your current grading modes will remain the same.