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Final Exam Policy

Final exams must be given during the final exam period at the scheduled time and in the scheduled place, although alternative uses of the scheduled exam period may be designated by the instructor. Examples would include group presentations, presentations of final projects, or general discussions regarding course content.

Students are not required to take more than two exams on any day. The instructor(s) of the last nondepartmental exam(s) on that day must reschedule the student’s exam during the final exam period. It is the obligation of students with such conflicts to make appropriate arrangements with the instructor at least two weeks prior to the end of classes.

Note: Some units offer departmental exams in which one common exam period is assigned to all sections of a particular course. These exams should not be rescheduled. However, if a student has three departmental exams on one day, the third departmental exam must be rescheduled for that student.

In-class, written quizzes or tests counting more than 10 percent of the semester grade may not be given the last five calendar days before the study period. The study period, designated as “Study Day” on the Academic Calendar, is set aside for final examination study. There should be no assignments or projects due during this time.

No exams may be scheduled during the designated Study Period. No regular exams may be scheduled during the “Make Up Exam” times.

Final Exam Note: 

Final exams in fully-online classes must be online exams. Final exams in hybrid and face-to-face classes can be either hybrid or face-to-face exams. A synchronous final exam may be no longer than two hours in duration. You will notice that indicated time slots are longer than two hours to provide a time for students to navigate any technical issues that arise. Some departments may choose to use the extra time to carry out a staged roll-out of a final exam; for example, 1/3 of the students may begin the exam at 8:00 am, another 1/3 at 8:05 am, and another 1/3 at 8:10 am.