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Applying for Online Graduation

  1. Log in to MyUTK
  2. Find “UTK Student Academic Links”
  3. Select a term: Banner is term driven. For graduation purposes choose either:
    • The term you are going to graduate
    • The term listed at the top of the drop down menu
  4. Click “View Your Profile”
  5. Verify that everything on your profile is correct: Effective Term Range
    • This explains when the curriculum is active. In most cases you want to view your profile where __________ to “The End of Time” is indicated.


    • You must be classified as a Senior to apply to graduate.

    Curriculum Information

    • Current Program (Primary degree)
    • Level
    • Catalog Term
    • College
    • Major(s) and Concentration(s)
    • Minor(s)
    • Secondary (Second degree, this only appears if you are pursuing two or more degrees)

    Ignore: Expected Graduation Date and Admit Term. These are not necessary for graduation purposes.

  6. Return to MyUTK
  7. Click “Apply to Graduate”
  8. Select your Curriculum Term: Curriculum Term = Profile Term. This is the same as the term you used to view your profile.This is not your catalog year, nor your graduation date.
  9. Select your degree program: If you are applying for two degrees you will need to apply to graduate twice, once for each degree.
  10. Select your graduation date: The term in which you want to graduate.The date will be the official date your degree is posted upon completion.Your specific graduation ceremony may be on a different date than the graduation date listed.
  11. Select if you are going to attend the ceremony: Your specific college or department may ask you for more information.
  12. Select your name for your diploma: Choose a name from Banner, or create a new one.Verify the spelling on the second screen.We will not print any titles or nicknames.

    Submit your name exactly as you want it on your diploma. A fee may be charged for reprinting if you submit an incorrect name on your application.

    Any changes to your name on this screen are for diploma purposes only. For an official name change contact the Office of the University Registrar.

  13. Select the mailing address for your diploma: Choose one of the addresses listed in the dropdown or create a new one. Verify the address on the next screen. International addresses are accepted. Any incorrect information could cause delays in the delivery of your diploma. If you need to change your diploma mailing address, please email
  14. Verify all information before submitting
  15. Submit your graduation application: You may submit only one application per degree, per curriculum term.If you are graduating with two degrees you will need to submit a second graduation application for the second degree.Any changes that need to be made to your graduation application must be done through the graduation office. This includes any changes of major, minor, or concentration.