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Herbert College of Agriculture – Summer 2013

2013 Summer Confirmed Degrees

Bowman, Melissa Marie BSARE NREE
Brown, Michael Lyn BSPS PlantSci
Cathey, Xavier Oneal BSWFS WFS
DeVoe, Elizabeth Marlene BS AN SCI AN SCI
Dill, William Chance BS in FORESTRY FORESTRY
Epperson, Jacob Kent BSFS FST
Evans, Briaheim Dimajio BSFS FST
Ford, April Leigh BSAG ALEC
Gray, Derrick Lyndell BSWFS WFS
Kaina, Shianne Christine BSPS PlantSci
La Veck, Jessica Ann BSFS FST
Lee, Noel Brittany BSAG ALEC
Richards, Misty LeAnn BSAG ALEC
Roddy, Laura Anne BSAG ALEC
Sapala, David Michael BSFS FST
Sherry, Stephen Scott BSPS PlantSci
Thayer, Alex Scott BSPS PlantSci
Thomas, Lindsey Michelle BSAG ALEC
Wingate, Austin Cole BSAG ALEC
Woodruff, Samantha Margarete BSAN AnimSci