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Graduate School (L-Z) – Spring 2013

2013 Spring Confirmed Degrees

Lady, Belinda Shea PHD Chemistry
Lambert-Moore, Sandra E. MSSW Social Work
Lamzik, Kathryn Elizabeth MA Anthropology
Lantz, Delaina Kathleen MSSW Social Work
Lavery, Erin Lynn EDS Education
Lawrence, Thomas Christopher PHD History
Lawson, Neal James MS Information Sciences
Lay, Alice Christy MS Industrial Engineering
Lazenka, Colette MS Aviation Systems
Leavitt, Rachel Jean MSSW Social Work
Ledford, Hannah Marie MA English
Lee, Carolynn Nicole MSSW Social Work
Lee, Nescha Christine MS Teacher Education
Leger, Remington M. MS Geology
Lenentine, Ashley Linn MARCH Architecture
Letsinger, Michael Todd MS Mechanical Engineering
Lewis, Tamara Hillhouse MS Counseling
Li, Meng MBA Business Administration
Li, Meng MS Business Analytics
Li, Rui PHD Nutritional Sciences
Limback, Hillary Lee MS Teacher Education
Line, Nathaniel Discepoli PHD Retail/Hospitality/Tourism Mgt
Liner, Hannah Kathryne MS Teacher Education
Link, Kathleen Adell MSSW Social Work
Linville, Jessica Leigh PHD Civil Engineering
Lister, Nathan A. MS Mechanical Engineering
Liu, Yunyue MMUS Music
Lombard, Deliska Kay MSSW Social Work
Looney, Shannon Marie PHD Nutritional Sciences
Lott, Candice Marie MS College Student Personnel
Louderback, Hannah Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Lovett, Thomas Grant MMUS Music
Lowe, Robert C. MS Industrial Engineering
Lu, Kefa MS Computer Science
Ludden, Ashton Lee MFA Art
Lyon, Devin Parker MBA Business Administration
Lyon, Rachel Brittany MS Teacher Education
Madden, Laura Ternes PHD Business Administration
Madron, Rachel Foster EDS Teacher Education
Malecha, Roy Eugene MSSW Social Work
Maleki, Sima PHD Industrial Engineering
Malekzadeh Moghani, Mahdy MS Chemical Engineering
Malone, Lawrence D. MS Aviation Systems
Mangone, Alexander Robert MS Teacher Education
Manning, Alicia Rene MS Kinesiology
Maples, Amy Gail MS Teacher Education
Mardookhy, Minoo MS Industrial Engineering
Martin, Jeffrey Thomas MS Plant Sciences
Mary, Julienne Grace MS Teacher Education
Mason, Laura Felicity MMUS Music
Masterson, Kelly Ann MA English
Mathewson, Elizabeth Grace MS Child and Family Studies
Mauck, Sarah Elizabeth MA Psychology
May, Amanda Lee PHD Chemistry
May, Jennifer Leigh MS Information Sciences
May, Kelly Allison MARCH Architecture
Mayer, Sarah Desiree MS Teacher Education
McAbee, Cassie Proffitt MS Teacher Education
Mccall, Jason Jonathan MS Industrial Engineering
McClurg, Alexander Matthew MFA Art
McConico-Lewis, Morgan Breonne PHD Chemistry
McCormick, Cory Daniel MS Teacher Education
McCracken, Christina Brynn MS Teacher Education
McDaniel, Logan Breanna MPPA Public Policy & Administration
Mcdonald, Alessandro Chanta MMUS Music
McDowell, Donald Lee MA French
McGrath, Mary Dorothy MS Teacher Education
McKenzie, Jasmine Michelle MSSW Social Work
McLendon, David Matthew MMUS Music
McMahon, Kyle Robert MBA Business Administration
McReynolds, Natalee Louise MMUS Music
Meersman, Colleen Marie MSSW Social Work
Menner, Ashley Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Mercer, David Anthony MA Anthropology
Mercer, Meghan Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Merchant, Stephen Alexander MFA Art
Mercimek, Muharrem PHD Electrical Engineering
Messer, Amanda Sue MSSW Social Work
Metts, Lauren Carole MARCH Architecture
Middleton, Jesse Lee MS Chemistry
Miesel, Lindsay Schloesser MPH Public Health
Miesel, Lindsay Schloesser MS Nutrition
Miller, Laura Christine MS Kinesiology
Milojevich, Christopher Bennett PHD Chemistry
Minatra, Tara Paul MSSW Social Work
Mirabito, Gerard Timothy PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Mirza Sharma, Dilnavaz MS Information Sciences
Mitchell, Jamel Franklin MMUS Music
Mncube-Barnes, Fatima Maria MS Information Sciences
Mohagheghi, Mouge MS Chemical Engineering
Mohan, Renee Christine MSSW Social Work
Monday, Lacy Ann MSSW Social Work
Moody, Shannon Nicole MSSW Social Work
Moore, Matthew Ruddick MS Forestry
Moran, Julie Elaine MSSW Social Work
Moreland, Allie Merritt MS Teacher Education
Morgan, Emily Kate MMUS Music
Morgan, Jennifer Jo MSSW Social Work
Moseley, Lauren Jeneva PHD Education
Mulik, Sachin Vishvas PHD Comparative & Experimental Med
Murphree, Luke Daniel MLA Landscape Architecture
Murrah, Damon S. MA English
Nalley, Jordan Renee MARCH Architecture
Nam, Alan Y. MS Nuclear Engineering
Nelson, Spencer Lee MS Teacher Education
Nichols, Jr., William Michael MS Biosystems Engineering
Nix, Katheryne Avery MS Entomology And Plant Pathology
Noe, Russell Lynn MMAT Mathematics
Noh, Ji Yong PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Norby, Sara Jean MS Teacher Education
Norris, Ayla Marie MS Life Sciences
Nuila, Ennio A. MA French
Nwangwa, Rebekah Lafay MPA Public Administration
O’Barr, Kathryn Michelle MFA Art
Oliver, Chelsea Ann MS Business Analytics
Orphanides, Matthew James MSSW Social Work
Ortega, Davi Ribeiro PHD Physics
Orvis, Miranda Kay MS Information Sciences
Osborne, Patrick Nathan MLA Landscape Architecture
Ott, Kimberly Renee MS Teacher Education
Ottinger, Amanda Whitney MS Human Resource Management
Ottinger, Jessica Lynn MS Environmental & Soil Sciences
Owens, Jessica Lynn PHD Psychology
Parker, Katelyn Elizabeth MS Nutrition
Parker, Kensey Ruth MS Communication And Information
Parker, Lisa Ybonne Figueroa PHD Modern Foreign Languages
Passetto, Ann M. MS Counseling
Patel, Paresh MS Human Resource Management
Payne, Emily Jewel MS Teacher Education
Payne, Morgan Michelle MS Teacher Education
Pedicini, Margaret Lynne MSSW Social Work
Peek, Kendra Nicole MS Communication And Information
Peeler, Elizabeth Annah MS Industrial Engineering
Peeler, Stacey Lynn MS Information Sciences
Penrod, Keith Gordon PHD Mathematics
Perkins, Christina Renee MSSW Social Work
Peterson, Lindsey Erin MSSW Social Work
Pett, Renae Elizabeth MSSW Social Work
Peyton, Jonathan Lawrence MS Computer Engineering
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth MSSW Social Work
Philpott, Sarah Lewis PHD Education
Piburn, Jesse Oakes MS Geography
Pierce, Ivy Jean MS Kinesiology
Pimsler, Jason Stuart MARCH Architecture
Pink, Christine M. PHD Anthropology
Plaskett, Mollie Caitlin MS Recreation /Sport Management
Plemons, Sherry Renee MS Educational Psychology
Poindexter, Camille Nichole MSSW Social Work
Pomerleau, Lainie Anne MA English
Porter, Kelly Celeste MFA Art
Powell, Douglas W. PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Powell, Meyoshia Passion Ta’Sasha MSSW Social Work
Prescott, Adam Gerard MS College Student Personnel
Ptacek, Crystal Lynn MA Anthropology
Puffer, Hannah Katharine MSSW Social Work
Quintel, Denise FitzGerald MS Information Sciences
Ragan, Bryan Daniel MSSW Social Work
Rains, Carol Jayne MSSW Social Work
Rajput, Deepak PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Raman, Ramyashree MS Human Resource Management
Ramos, Vanessa MS Materials Science & Engineer
Rand, Ashley Nicole PHD Mathematics
Raup-Plummer, Lauren Ashley MS Environmental Engineering
Ray, Stacey Jean MS Teacher Education
Rebori, Leigh Nannette MS Recreation /Sport Management
Redmond, Caroline Summers MS Information Sciences
Reed, Walann Lee MBA Business Administration
Reed, Walann Lee MS Recreation /Sport Management
Reese, Valerie Colleen MMUS Music
Reeve, Anna Laura MA English
Reid, Susan Katherine MS Mechanical Engineering
Reynolds, Kevin Howard PHD Nuclear Engineering
Reynolds, Michael Rashad MBA Business Administration
Reynolds, Michael Rashad MS Recreation /Sport Management
Rich, Jill Herren MSSW Social Work
Richardson, Ian James MMUS Music
Riley, Clifton Otis MFA Art
Rishiq, Dania Adnan MA Audiology
Roberts, Kevin Lloyd MS Nuclear Engineering
Robinson, Samuel Bailey MS Civil Engineering
Rohr, William Fredrick PHD Mechanical Engineering
Romero Montoya, Evie Liza MS Teacher Education
Roth, Christopher A. MMUS Music
Rousseau, Mary Beth PHD Business Administration
Rubenstein, Jennifer Renee MSSW Social Work
Rushton, David Andrew MPH Public Health
Russell, II, Ronald Allen MS Teacher Education
Sachan, Ritesh PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Salo, Kathryne Kjerstin MMUS Music
Satterfield, Cassandra Michelle MSSW Social Work
Schaeffer, Daniel Aaron MS Materials Science & Engineer
Schaefferkoetter, Joshua Donald PHD Physics
Schendel, Joshua Stephen PHD Anthropology
Schineller, Jessica Anne MS Counseling
Schrandt, Lauren Brittany MS Teacher Education
Schwartz, Ester Ehrlich MARCH Architecture
Scott, Taylor Kara-Leigh MS Recreation /Sport Management
Scripa, Elizabeth White MS Teacher Education
Seagle, Mindy Shelton MS Teacher Education
Self-Dorow, Natascha Tabea Carla MS Counseling
Shaw, Andrew David MS Kinesiology
Sheffey, Brittany Ruth MS Agric Lead/Educ/Com
Shell, David P. MS Plant Sciences
Shields, Samantha Joanne MS Kinesiology
Short, Hannah Marie MFA Art
Short, Jennifer Lynn MSSW Social Work
Shults, Sarah Grace MSSW Social Work
Siddell, Kayla Desiree MS Information Sciences
Sills, Ginger Leigh MS Teacher Education
Simpson, Sarah Michelle MSSW Social Work
Sims, William Andrew MS Recreation /Sport Management
Singh, Anil H. MS Reliability / Maintainability
Siu, Joe Ming Yin MS Aviation Systems
Siu, Marie-Michele MS Aviation Systems
Skadberg, Andrew Madsen MS Teacher Education
Slayton, Kendra Marie MA English
Smith, Austin Lee MS Industrial Engineering
Smith, Elizabeth Rebekah MSSW Social Work
Smith, Jared Newton EDS Education
Smith, Kaley Joy MS Teacher Education
Smith, Lindsay P. Lee MSSW Social Work
Smith, Ruth Stolarick MS Information Sciences
Smithgall, Joshua James MS Industrial Engineering
Sneesby, Ashley K. MS Information Sciences
Snyder, Anna Midgett MSSW Social Work
Snyder, Carissa Dawn MS Geology
Snyder, Nancy Ellen MS Teacher Education
Song, Hayan MMUS Music
Sorensen, Toby Earl MS Engineering Science
Sottosanti, Rachel Lynn MSSW Social Work
Spearman, LeQuez Tymarkee PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Spencer, Brittany Helene MS Recreation /Sport Management
Spero, Carrie Christina MSSW Social Work
Stackpole, Andrea Renee MSSW Social Work
Stadstad, Elizabeth Mary MFA Theatre
Stern, Sarah Gaither MSSW Social Work
Stiles, Everett Truman MS Computer Engineering
Stocking, Benjamin Hyun MA Psychology
Stokowski, Sarah Elizabeth PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Stone, Haley Amanda MSSW Social Work
Strong, Eric Allen MS Reliability / Maintainability
Stuart, Emily Anne MS Information Sciences
Stuble, Katharine Lisa PHD Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
Sullivan, Emily Dian MSSW Social Work
Szabo, Meredith Nicole MMUS Music
Szczechowski, Hayli Rae MSSW Social Work
Tabor, Adrienne Nicole MMUS Music
Tait, Sara Jessica MS Teacher Education
Takir, Driss PHD Geology
Tanner, Sarah Deann MS Information Sciences
Taveras, Glennis Marisol MSSW Social Work
Taylor, Clayton Edward MS Computer Engineering
Taylor, Rebecca Joyce PHD Anthropology
Teal, Brian Austin MSSW Social Work
Tenry, Andria Denee’ MS Counseling
Terry, Meghan Elizabeth MFA Art
Tewksbury-Christle, Carolyn Morgan MS Geology
Therrien, Meredith Marie PHD Chemistry
Thibodeau, Anne Terese MS College Student Personnel
Thiemann, Carolyn Leigh MS Aerospace Engineering
Thomas, Joseph Warden MS Plant Sciences
Thomas, Laine Marie MS Information Sciences
Thompson, Ashley Nicole MSSW Social Work
Thompson, Elizabeth Kelley MS Education
Tidwell, Alexis Dominique MMUS Music
Tidwell, William Travis MS Information Sciences
Tiruneh, Bayu Sisay MS Biochem/Cellular/Molecular Bio
Totty, Benjamin Lewis MS Agricultural and Resource Econ
Trammell, Michael Paul MS Materials Science & Engineer
Travis, Alisa Michelle MS Teacher Education
Trent, Elizabeth Ann MSSW Social Work
Ude, Sabina Nwamaka PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Ulrey, Brooke Allison MS Teacher Education
Underwood, Christopher Aaron PHD Geography
Vaden, III, Roy Jefferson MSSW Social Work
Valencia, Lauren Elizabeth MSSW Social Work
Vander Yacht, Andrew Lee MS Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Vandergriff, Cara MA English
Vandivort, Amber Lynn MA French
Vardy, Kimberly Jane MS Kinesiology
Varga, Mary Alice PHD Educational Psych And Research
Veiga Parga, Tamara Antia PHD Comparative & Experimental Med
Vergeer, Kalyn Alaine MS Environmental & Soil Sciences
Videla, Ricardo MS Comparative & Experimental Med
Vlasis, Mary Christine MS Teacher Education
Vogel, Joseph Thomas MBA Business Administration
Vogel, Joseph Thomas MS Mechanical Engineering
Wade, Keshia Demyra MSSW Social Work
Wagle, Maloriee Rebecca MS Child and Family Studies
Wahl, David Robert MS Kinesiology
Walker, Jamila Jaha MSSW Social Work
Walsh, Spenser Riley MS Nuclear Engineering
Ward, Neil O. MFA Art
Watson, Chad Elliott MS Industrial Engineering
Watson, Jayme Evelyn MA English
Watson, Kelsey Nicole MS Teacher Education
Wear, Allison Yilling MA English
Weatherspoon, Deborah Lynne PHD Nursing
Webb, Sarah Margaret MS Information Sciences
Weber, Amanda K. MS Teacher Education
Webster, Brittany Nichole MS Teacher Education
Wei, Yanli PHD Electrical Engineering
Weisent, Jennifer PHD Comparative & Experimental Med
Weiss, Wendy Michelle MSSW Social Work
Weller, Jr., Daniel Harrison MS Industrial Engineering
Wells, David Scott PHD Communication And Information
Wells, Taryn Rachelle MSSW Social Work
Westmoreland, Adam Wade MSSW Social Work
Whalen, Samuel Joseph PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Whaley, Lisa Anne MS Information Sciences
Wharram, Leanna Rose MA English
Wheeler, Clint Andrew MSSW Social Work
Whelan, Todd Christopher MS Civil Engineering
Whitaker, Krista Renae MS Teacher Education
White, Alicia Catherine MS College Student Personnel
White, Anna Marie MS College Student Personnel
White, Eric Lester MS Industrial Engineering
White, Jennifer Dawn MS Kinesiology
White, Townley Davis MSSW Social Work
Wilkins, Hillary Blair MSSW Social Work
Williams, Brittiney D. MSSW Social Work
Williams, Lesa Cathyann MSSW Social Work
Williamson, Robert Mitchell MFA Art
Willis, Michael Joseph MS Nuclear Engineering
Willock, Ashley Jameel MS Kinesiology
Wills, Erin James MS Teacher Education
Wise, Emily Marie MS Agricultural and Resource Econ
Wise, Emily Marie MBA Business Administration
Wojdak, Cori Lyn MARCH Architecture
Wolanin, Carey Ann MS Agricultural and Resource Econ
Wolkin, Paige Jenna MS Teacher Education
Woodard, Thelma Mae PHD Educational Psych And Research
Woodward, Wendy Lynn MSSW Social Work
Wooten, Rachel Elizabeth PHD Physics
Worley, Julie Ann PHD Nursing
Wright, Daine Michael MS Geology
Wyant, Kathleen Louise MS Teacher Education
Wysmierski, Jeanette Rose MS Teacher Education
Xu, Caiqiao MS Industrial Engineering
Xu, Guoqing MS Mechanical Engineering
Xue, Yang MS Electrical Engineering
Yager, William Ashton Wise MMUS Music
Yancey, Kayla Marie MS Teacher Education
Yanda, Daniel Vincent MSSW Social Work
Yang, Liheng MS Human Resource Management
Yankovskyy, Shelly Ann PHD Anthropology
Yansane, Abdoulaye PHD Modern Foreign Languages
Yuan, Qi PHD Industrial Engineering
Zhang, Xuejuan MS Computer Science
Zhao, Jie PHD Mechanical Engineering