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Tickle College of Engineering



Fall 2018 RSVP Confirmation List

Names are posted within 24 hours of receipt except for weekends and holidays.

Adorati Fabrizio G. Mechanical Engineering
Alharzi Alaa A. Electrical Engineering
Allen Matthew K. Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering, Biochemistry/Cellular/Molecular Biology
Ambrose Jonathan Daniel Computer Engineering
Arik Berat E. Computer Science
Baker Garet Cole Electrical Engineering
Beztchi Saeed Adam Computer Science
Bhandari Abhishek Computer Engineering
Bogach Jackson Harlan Civil Engineering
Bott Aaron Michael Civil and Environmental Engineering
Branam Peyton Eric Electrical Engineering
Breakey Michael David Computer Engineering
Brewster Logan T. Mechanical Engineering
Briggs Taylor Lynn Mechanical Engineering
Butler Jesse Braden Mechanical Engineering
Carman Luke Elijah Civil Engineering
Carroll Kevin Cody Electrical Engineering
Carter Scott Alexander Mechanical Engineering
Caruthers John D Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Cate James H. Computer Science
Chapel Austin Shay Mechanical Engineering
Chong Joseph B. Mechanical Engineering
Clark Eric Orlando Mechanical Engineering
Cochrane Wilson Daniel Industrial Engineering
Cook Jacob Ray Mechanical Engineering
Crafton Tyler Brady Computer Science
Crisp Dillon Shane Electrical and Computer Engineering
Culpepper Davis Paul Civil Engineering
Dam Frank Mechanical Engineering
Darlington William Barrett Mechanical Engineering
Davy Kent Clifton Electrical Engineering
DeArmond Jacob T. Mechanical Engineering
Desai Avie Kirankumar Computer Science
Dixon David J. Industrial Engineering
Dorris Danika Marie Industrial Engineering
Dyar Morgan Elizabeth Electrical Engineering
Duggan Caitlin J. Materials Science and Engineering
Eanes Cameron T. Mechanical Engineering
Elder Gregory Lawrence Mechanical Engineering
Elliott Cory Tyler Mechanical Engineering
Enciso Daniel Felipe Computer Engineering
Eustace Quentin Alexander Materials Science and Engineering
Evans Deklan Adare Computer Science
Farmer Robert A. Electrical Engineering
Frantz Thor Nathaniel Mechanical Engineering
Frye Thomas Jewell Mechanical Engineering
Given Grant Matthew Mechanical Engineering
Glassman Adam B. Industrial Engineering
Gonzalez Nicole C. Civil Engineering
Greene Nicky Alton Computer Science
Haas Adam Lucas Materials Science and Engineering
Hart Alec Michael Mechanical Engineering
Hawkins Leah Samantha Mechanical Engineering
Higginbotham Sarah Ruby Mechanical Engineering
Hutchison Aston Martin Civil Engineering
Johnson Ryan C. Civil Engineering
Johnston Anthony L. Mechanical Engineering
Jung Patrick V. Mechanical Engineering
Karnauch Andrey P. Computer Science
KC Gaurab Computer Science
Kelly Sean Patrick Electrical Engineering
Leslie Shavoshia Maggie Electrical Engineering
Lester Lauren Elise Mechanical Engineering
Liu Fangzhou FL Electrical Engineering
Luffman Benjamin Robert Mechanical Engineering
Lyons Alexander N. Industrial & Systems Engineering
Lyons Matthew MacBeth Civil Engineering
Mansour Nasib F. Computer Science
Marine Ryan Thomas Civil Engineering
Marshall Larry E. Electrical Engineering
McCoy Jake Andrew Aerospace Engineering
McMurrer Brooke Autumn Nuclear Engineering
McVay Sebastian Julian Mechanical Engineering
Medford Elijah Jesse Industrial Engineering
Mills Brandon D. Mechanical Engineering
Neal John Michael Chemical Engineering
Newman Cory Tipton Civil Engineering
Nguyen Angela L. Computer Engineering
Pace Jonathan Bryan Computer Engineering
Parker Jennifer Lynn Chemical Engineering
Patel Saurav P. Computer Engineering
Patterson Taylor Nathaniel Mechanical Engineering
Patterson Tyler Nicholas Mechanical Engineering
Payne Kaitlin N. Industrial and Systems Engineering
Perlov Matt David Mechanical Engineering
Pettey Joseph Gardner Industrial Engineering
Powell Christopher Blake Computer Science
Randall Steven Scott Computer Science
Reid Toy Marcus Computer Science
Rimer Patrick C. Mechanical Engineering
Roberson Benjamin D. Computer Science
Rutstrom Daniel Joseph Materials Science and Engineering
Sanders Dakota Blake Computer Science
Sanders Dylan Lynn Mechanical Engineering
Scruggs Samuel J. Mechanical Engineering
Shahat Kirolos Adly Computer Science
Smith Evan J. Computer Science
Smith Lauren Nicole Industrial Engineering
Sola Daniel Dali Aerospace Engineering
Stone Aaron Gale Mechanical Engineering
Strike Chase Joseph Nuclear Engineering
Swanson Christopher A. Mechanical
Templeton Drew Owen Civil Engineering
Tirpak Richard Andrew Civil Engineering
Tourville William Charles Mechanical Engineering
Trigiani Anthony Mark Daniel Electrical Engineering
Troutman Conrad Ries Industrial Engineering
Tungett Ryan Kitchell Mechanical Engineering
Turkington Hayden Noah Mechanical Engineering
Vomfell Jesse D. Computer Science
Webb Garrett L. Civil Engineering
Webb Dylan Michael Mechanical Engineering
Weeks Rachel Marie Computer Engineering
Wilkinson Alex Webb Computer Science
Wilson John Michael Civil and Environmental Engineering
Winstead Robert Austin Mechanical Engineering
Wright Edward Alexander Electrical Engineering
Young David R. Civil Engineering