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Haslam College of Business



Fall 2018 RSVP Confirmation List

Names are posted within 24 hours of receipt except for weekends and holidays.

Abernathy Micah Alexander Finance
Adkins Megan Elizabeth Business Analytics
Allen Liam C. Business Administration
Altshuler Kathryn Elizabeth Marketing
Anderson Radarrious Antra’ Supply Chain Management
André James Austin Finance
Antognoli Joel A. Economics
Avila Oscar A. Business Management and Finance
Baltau Danielle Victoria Marketing
Barger Seth Michael Management
Barnes Belle Victoria Accounting
Beckett Taylor Douglas Supply Chain Management
Beeler Kaitlin Danielle Marketing/Supply Chain Management
Benfanti Isabella Corey Finance/International Business Collateral
Bennett Timothy Glenn Finance
Bialczak Anna Caroline Supply Chain Management/Marketing
Bobbitt Chandler Bryce Management
Bouldien Jacob Benjamin Supply Chain Management
Bouie Amyre K. Finance
Brackfield Christian Blair Marketing
Brett Logan Russell Finance
Broussard John Mark Business Analytics and Political Science
Brown Austin Drake Business Analytics/Information Management
Buford Imhani Monae Supply Chain Management
Byrd Jessica R. Supply Chain Management & Business Analytics Dual
Byrd Taylor Marie Accounting
Cage Tyler Joseph Marketing
Caldwell Noah A. Supply Chain Management
Callis Tristen C. Business Analytics
Campbell Andre J. Accounting
Cantrell Courtney Alexis Economics
Cantrell Katherine Elizabeth Marketing
Carcello Sarah Anne Accounting
Carder William Chase Business Analytics
Cardwell Trenton T. Supply Chain Management and Spanish
Catignani Jacob A. Supply Chain Management
Clark Aaron T. Marketing
Coode Richard Austin Finance
Cook Kalen Hope Accounting
Copeland Anna Claire Accounting
Corbin Jake Taylor Supply Chain Management
Cotten Anna Grace Marketing
Craig II James Patrick Business Analytics
Culpepper Kendahl E. Supply Chain Management
Davis Drew T. Supply Chain Management
Davis Kaitlyn Alley Marketing
Davis Parker W. Supply Chain Management
DeGuire Lauren E. Marketing/Supply Chain Management
Diegel Jonathan T. Supply Chain Management
Diemer Katlyn Renae Marketing and Human Resource Mangement
Dietz Julia L. Marketing
Doi Misato Scarlet Supply Chain Management/International Business
Dolan Mary Frances Finance
Dooley Rebecca Lynn Accounting Major/Finance
Dorris Chandler James Supply Chain Management
Dunne Timothy E. Supply Chain Management
Durbin Joshua Mitchell Accounting
Ellis Catelynn Lindsey Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Facemire Joshua David Finance
Fass Amelia Leigh Accounting
Faulkenberry Andrew Gant Supply Chain Management
Feemster Christopher Martin Finance
Ferron Minerva C. Finance
Fredebeil Benjamin K. Supply Chain Management and Marketing
Frederick Alexander Scot Finance
Fulcher Adam Stokes Accounting
Funderburk Jordan Lea Accounting
Gadd Jessica Megan Economics
Gallo Kimberley Paige Marketing
Gao Yi Yi Marketing
Gaynor Samantha Haley Supply Chain Management
Gillespie Tricia E. Accounting
Glisson Caleb Aaron Supply Chain Management
Golec Nathaniel Lee Marketing/Supply Chain Management
Gong Haizhuo Supply Chain Management
Goulet` John G. Supply Chain Management
Grady Mari Cynthia Supply Chain Management
Graham Reed E. Accounting
Grechko Maxim Public Administration
Green Maddison Elizabeth Business Analytics & International Business Dual
Green James Nathan Supply Chain Management/Entrepenuership
Griffin Ethan R. Finance and Management
Hall Chance A. Finance
Hamblen Coby L. Accounting
Hamilton Anna Marie Management
Hammitt Ryan Stearns Business Analytics
Harris II Ricky Lonell Business Analytics
Hasan Layla L. Finance
Hawk Chandler Alexis Marketing and Pre-Vet
Hawks Eric Hayden Supply Chain Management
Hayes Mallory Grace Finance
Henderson Jared R. Business Analytics
Henry Ryan J. Business Management
Henson Jeffrey Hayden Supply Chain Management
Hester Tristen Ewing Emmett Business Analytics
Hilsheimer Victoria Rose Finance
Hopson Darby Jean Accounting
Houston Emily Abigail Finance
Howe Robert Scott Supply Chain Management
Hucklebee Mackenzie Morgan Management
Humphries William Davis Marketing
Hunsucker Isaac Grey Finance
Hunt Trevor D. Management
Hurst Austin Slade Supply Chain Management/Entrepreneurship
Huskins Hannah Frances Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Huynh Andrew Supply Chain Management
Ignace Joseph Richard Accounting
Ingram Kyle P. Human Resources Management
Irwin Allen Haynes Finance
Ivey Matthew K. Accounting
Jarvis William Dean Finance
Jones Jessica Amelia Marketing
Kang Di Supply Chain Management
Keck Dylan Anthony Marketing
Keller Robert M. Business Analytics
Keller Shelby Maxwell Business Analytics
Ketron Aaron M. Finance
King Justin Thomas Management
Kinney Mackenzoe Anne Marketing/Information Management
Kinser Blake Alexander Business Analytics
Kirk Emily Diane Finance
Kirk Sarah A. Accounting
Klarner Tyler John Accounting
Kliebhan Ellen Kristine Supply Chain Management
Koeshall Hannah Rose Marketing
Lange Matthew David Business Analytics
Larsen Matthew Ryan Marketing
Lay Hannah Marie Finance/Entrepreneurship
Ledbetter Levi Albert Duane Finance
Leinart Elizabeth Rachel Finance
Lemon Riley Joseph Marketing and Business Analytics
Lewis Katherine Marie Human Resource Management
Li Xueyi X.L. Supply Chain Management
Lian Lian L.L. Supply Chain Management
Liford Joshua Cameron Business Management/Marketing
Littlejohn Brendan Seth Finance
Long Zachary M. Business Analytics/Supply Chain Management
Lorino Stephen Peter Supply Chain Management
Lu Jiahao J.L. Supply Chain Managment
Lynn Sebastian C. Supply Chain Management
Machen John M. Supply Chain Management
Marks Jason David Finance
McCloud Ethan Bartley Economics
McDavid Logan Charles Business Analytics
McDowell Lauryn Ashlea Management
McMurry Ansley G. Accounting
McReynolds Charles Brumfield Accounting
Miao Shenlong Supply Chain Management
Miller Christopher Anthony Economics
Mills Jacob Daniel Finance
Mitchell Anastasia Kathleen Finance/ Accounting
Murphy Spencer Alan Business Analytics
Myers Michala Ann Accounting
Neely Cameron Thomas Finance
Newport Clayton A. Marketing and Supply Chain Management
O’Connell Carrie Rebecca Accounting
O’Connor Benjamin William Supply Chain Management
Ogle Michael L. Finance
Oliver John Calvin Accounting
Osteen Scott Donelson Supply Chain Management
Otis Peyton S. Supply Chain Management
Padilla-Ortiz Henry Supply Chain Management and Marketing/HRM
Paolucci Kendall Ashlyn Supply Chain Management
Patel Karan G. Accounting
Patel Karan M. Finance
Patel Om J. Supply Chain Management
Perez Austin Cruz Supply Chain Management
Perkins Clint Walters Supply Chain Management
Peterson Jake A. Accounting
Pittenger Christopher Richard Supply Chain Management
Poligone Matthew Guy Business Analytics
Powers Jan Kathryn Accounting
Putman Haley B. Marketing/Entrepreneurship and Retail and Consumer Sciences Minor
Reed Lucas Blake Finance
Renner Tyler Jeremiah Finance
Richardson Gabrielle Marie Human Resources/Information Management
Roberts Alyssa Joy Supply Chain Management
Roberts Lauren T. Marketing
Robinson IV James Leon Marketing/International Business
Rodgers Jordan Taylor Marketing
Rogers Roy C. Supply Chain Management
Ross Erin Kay Marketing
Ryazantseva Valentyna S. Marketing
Samples Megan Kathryn Supply Chain Management
Sanderson Michael Kent Management
Sewell Matthew Thomas Marketing
Scheidt Austin Michael Management
Seepe Katherine Elizabeth Finance
Shackleford William S. Human Resources
Siegel Haley Elizabeth Marketing
Skahic Lejla Business Analytics
Smith Adam Nicholas Supply Chain Management
Smith Stephen Andrew Accounting
Sowell Richard Lannom Marketing
Stacy John Christopher Finance
Stephens Reagan Hannah Supply Chain Management
Stoffer Maxwell R. Business Administration
Stover Caitlyn Laura Supply Chain
Stupariu Emanuel C. Supply Chain Management
Sztuka Tyler Maxym Supply Chain Management/ Marketing
Tate Allison Nicole Marketing/Human Resource Management
Tate Chandler Livingston Supply Chain Managment
Tatum Katherine Marie Supply Chain Management and Marketing
Teel Haley Nicole Finance
Testerman Andrew D. Supply Chain Management
Thompson Caleb Montgomery Business Analytics
Thompson Christopher L. Finance
Tilki Emirhan Supply Chain Management
Trowbridge Kayla Don Business Administration, Business Analytics – Dual Concentration International Business
Tudor Graham Arthur Finance Dual Concentration International Business
Turner Amelia Katherine Supply Chain Management
Turner Cheyenne B. Marketing
Turner John Ely Marketing
Valani Zain Kabiru Finance
Vanmali Rikesh Rajeshkumar Supply Chain Management
Varnedoe Joshua Howard Marketing
Veazey Anna Catherine Supply Chain Management
Verch Nicholas Ryan Supply Chain Management/Business Analytics
Von Arb Jared Daniel Business Analytics
Wacker Ashley Le Mere Supply Chain Management
Walker Matthew Duffin Business Analytics
Walker Zachary Richard. Supply Chain Management
Wang Christopher T. Supply Chain Management
Watler Lianne Marie Finance
Webb Nathan Mitchell Accounting
White Eric Michael Supply Chain Management
Wiggins Meghan Ashley Business Analytics/Marketing
Wilburn Zachary Kent Supply Chain Management
Wilcher Caleb A. Supply Chain Management and Geography
Williamson Mariela Cristina Finance and Business Analytics/Dual Concentration
Williamson Sabrina N. Finance
Williamson Samuel James Finance
Wuesthoff Brent A Supply Chain Management
Wytrwal Trevor J. Business Management
Xu Zheming Supply Chain Management
Yates William J. Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Yeo Nathan Charles Accounting
Yewell Maggie R. Marketing
York Alex Clayton Supply Chain Management
Youngblood Weston Tucker Supply Chain Management
Zuniga Eliasar Martinez Supply Chain Management