Course Equivalency Form for Current UT Knoxville Students

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Step 1:  If you are attending a TN College, refer to Transfer Equivalency.  Do not fill out the form. If
              you are a student at another institution, please consult with your advisor for course information.
Step 2: List the course name and number you are planning on taking that you want credit for at UT (ie, English 101). Four courses can be listed. Do not fill out the side for other institution. This side is for use by the transfer evaluators and they will put the equivalent course.
Step 3: After completion of your coursework, send official transcripts to the Admissions Office. Transcripts are evaluated automatically for transfer credit upon receipt of the official transcript.

School #1 - Name: State:

UT Course Equivalent Course

School #2 - Name: State:

UT Course Equivalent Course

*Equivalent Course Numbers-The corresponding course number at the other college will be listed.
LD = No equivalent course, but lower division (freshman and sophomore) credit allowed.
UD = No equivalent course, but upper division (junior and senior) credit allowed.
Final decision concerning the equivalency of courses listed as LD or UD rests with the department concerned.
None = There is not an equivalent course number at the other college.


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