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Timetable Codes: Course Instruction and Delivery Modes/ Days of the Week

Course Instruction Modes

ALT- Alternate IMI- Individual Musical Instruction RCL- Recital
BR- Brass INS- Instrumental REC- Recitation
CON- Contract INT- Intensive Study RES- Research
DIS- Discussion KBD- Keyboard SAX- Saxophone
DRM- Drum LAB- Laboratory SEM- Seminar
ENS-Ensembles LEC- Lecture STD- Studio Work
FLU- Flute OBO- Oboe STR- String
FT- Field Trip OFF- Off Campus Study TBA- To Be Announced
GMI- Group Musical Instruction PER- Percussion TRP- Trumpet
GUI- Guitar PRA- Practicum VOC- Voice
HRN- Horn PSI- Personalized Self-Instruction WS- Workshop
  PVL- Private Lessons WW- Woodwind


Days of the Week Codes

M - Monday T - Tuesday W - Wednesday
R - Thursday F - Friday S - Saturday
U - Sunday    


Delivery Modes of Courses

AUD - Audio Tape IND - Independent Study TV - Television
CLI - Clinical OTH - Other Non-Conventional Media VA1 - One-Way Video and Audio
COR - Correspondence STT - Student Teaching VA2 - One Way Video/Two Way Audio
CV - Conventional Classroom/Lab TE - Technology Enhanced VA3 - Two Way Video and Audio
DST - Dissertation THS - Thesis VID - Video Disc
DVC - Desktop Video Conferencing TN - Tennessee On-Line Course VIT - Video Taped Course
FLD - Field Supervision    









The Office of the University Registrar

209 Student Services Building - Knoxville, TN 37996-0200
Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except holidays.


Telephone calls for the Office of the University Registrar are answered by One Stop Student Services (865-974-1111) located at Hodges Library Ground Floor, 1015 Volunteer Boulevard. To contact University Registrar staff please refer to Staff Listing.




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