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Dean's List

To qualify for the Dean’s List, an undergraduate student must earn a term grade point average of 3.8-through 4.0 (summa cum laude), 3.65-3.79 (magna cum laude), or 3.5 through 3.64 (cum laude).  Students must complete at least 12 hours, not counting work taken on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis to be eligible.

The UT Office of Public Relations distributes a Dean’s List announcement to home town newspapers for students who reside in Tennessee (based on students’ permanent address in the UT Directory). Out-of-state students must request that the Office of Public Relations (865 974-2225) distribute an announcement to their home town newspapers.

For more information, visit the Office of Public Relations Web site.

Name Change

To change your name with the university, you must submit a Change of Name Request Form along with the appropriate documentation. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Print a copy of the Change of Name Request form.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Attach the appropriate documentation as listed on the form.
  4. Mail or fax the form and documentation to the One Stop Express Student Services.

Now click to go to the Name Change Request Form. You may also come in person to the One Stop Express Student Services.

Address Change

To change your address, go to MyUTK. If you need assistance, please visit One Stop Express Student Services or our Information Services Center, 209 Student Services Building.

UT's Web Directory and Your Addresses
Much of the information for student listings (addresses and phone numbers) in UT's Web Directory comes from the Office of the University Registrar. It is not possible for you to edit your address entry on UT's Web page directory. Changes in addresses or phone numbers must be made on MyUTK. The changes will appear on the Web Directory within a week when the University is in session and you are enrolled. Any changes in faculty and staff addresses must be made in the Payroll Office.

Other Places to Change Your Addresses
Payroll Office - If you are an employee of the University (work study student, student assistant, graduate assistant, staff or faculty member) then you must also complete a new W-4 form in Human Resources Management, 224 Conference Center Building, 974-5151.

Hodges Library - Complete an address change form at the Ground Floor Circulation Desk or the 2nd Floor Circulation Desk, or call them at 974-4351.

Your Addresses and Privacy

If you are a student and do not wish to be listed in the Student Directory or on the Web Directory, please print out our "Exclude Me from UT Directories" form and send it to us. For more information, please see our page about Student privacy.