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Fall 2017 RSVP Confirmation List

Abounassif Lina Hussein Civil Engineering
Adams Michael Blake Electrical Engineering
Agle Sara N. Electrical Engineering
Al-Fadhili Abdullah Maki Nuclear Engineering
Alghamdi Rawan Saeed Computer Science
Al hadeethi Aws M. Civil Engineering
Augustine Trey Richard Nuclear Engineering
Baas Aaron David Electrical Engineering
Barber Reid K. Mechanical Engineering
Beeler Brett Kent Civil Engineering
Brownfield Caleb Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Calhoun Christopher T. Mechanical Engineering
Carr Casey Nash Civil Engineering
Chavez Jesus Alejandro Electrical Engineering
Chauvin Matthew I. Civil Engineering (CE)
Childs Jake Allen Mechanical Engineering
Chin Jun-Cheng   Electrical Engineering
Christy Michele Nicole Chemical Engineering
Clabo Noah Benjamin Civil Engineering
Coghlan Brian M. Computer Engineering
Combs Corey Owen Materials Science and Engineering
Comer Timothy Carl Industrial Engineering
Cross Jacob Brent Computer Engineering
Cruse Colton Dean Chemical Engineering
Culhane Kathryn H. Mechanical Engineering
Currey Matthew Russell Industrial and Systems Engineering
Cutler Philip A. AE & MSE
Daniel Clay E. SCM and Business Analytics
Davis Robert Kyle Mechanical Engineering
de Wet Wouter C. Nuclear Engineering
Denegri Charles A. Accounting
Dessinger Garett Michael Mechanical Engineering
Dixon Emma Rose Civil Engineering
Dodgen Joseph Jeffrey Chemical Engineering
Earl Joseph R. Mechanical Engineering
Edens Matt Dean Civil Engineering
Elkins Jered D. Civil Engineering
Ellis Sierra Nichelle Mechanical Engineering
Faraj Bayan A. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fields Michael Austin Electrical Engineering
Fitzsimmons Bryan Z. Mechanical Engineering
Franceschetti Nicolo   Civil Engineering
Gagliano Nicholas R. Chemical Engineering
Galbraith Claude O'Neal Mechanical Engineering
Gale Allison Victoria Marketing
Girges Youssef Nassim Mechanical Engineering
Hahn Bradley Michael Mechanical Engineering
Han Michael J Computer Science
Haines Michael P. Mechanical Engineering
Haynes Jacob Aaron Computer Science
Hays Aaron Joseph Civil Engineering
Heikkenen Eric M. Mechanical Engineering
Henderson Scott W. Civil Engineering
Hillard Isaac Joseph Civil Engineering
Hollman Alex J. Civil Engineering
Hood John Robin Civil Engineering
Horton Carley Danielle Electrical Engineering
Hranov Axel Sebastian Computer Science
Jackson Brittany Danielle SCM
Johnson Andrew Chase Mechanical Engineering
Johnson Cullen Ashton Industrial Engineering
Jones Brian K. Mechanical Engineering
Joslin Chase B. MSE and MATH
Karcher Kelby G. Aerospace Engineering
Keatts Landon Scott Industrial Engineering
Khalili Ardlan   Computer Science
Kiernan Brian J Mechanical Engineering
Ladd Grant Simpson Civil Engineering
Lam Timothy Andrew Electrical Engineering
Leffler Eleanor Mae Computer Science
Leffler Paine   Computer Science
Leineweber Nicholas William Mechanical Engineering
MacNair Jason Michael Mechanical engineering
Magsby Daphne D. Computer Science
Mathes II Kenneth Michael Mechanical engineering
McConachie Kelsey Ann Mechanical Engineering
McDavid Thomas Blake Mechanical Engineering
McKeehan William J. Computer Science
Miramontes Eduardo R. Mechanical Engineering
Moran Emily Elise Supply Chain Management
Naser Mohammed Baha Civil Engineering
Naser Mohammed M. Civil Engineering
Neal Adam Wesley Mechanical Engineering
Newell William Andrew Electrical Engineering
Newsome Kolby D'onn Computer Science
Nolan Isaac Robert Mechanical Engineering
Osborne Geneva C. Civil Engineering
Paduch Karol Jacek Computer Science
Panczer Zackary Stephan Civil Engineering
Patel Jenny P. Mechanical Engineering
Paulus Paige Frances Biomedical Engineering
Pippin Brett Montgomery Civil Engineering
Popp Josiah Ethan Electrical Engineering
Presnell Kenneth Dylan Accounting & Economics
Price William M. Industrial Engineering
Rose Samuel B. Computer Engineering
Sanders John M. Mechanical Engineering
Saybe Ryan A. Mechanical Engineering
Sieverman Elizabeth Faith Business Analytics and Marketing
Stehling Neal Alfred Mechanical Engineering
Stokes Andrew Austin Civil Engineering
Strong Thao N. Mechanical Engineering
Swanson David Gabriel Computer Engineering
Tinker Ryan J. BSME
Treadway Christopher A. Computer Science
Voorhees Victor M. Industrial Engineering
Whalen Sean J. Computer Science
White James Hunter AE
Williams Khari Q. Computer Engineering
Wilson Adam Lee Mechanical Engineering
Witt Hastin Cort Mechanical Engineering
Woods Katherine Clair Industrial and Systems Engineering
Young Adam Wesley Chemical Engineering
Young Benjamin Davidson Civil Engineering
Young David Bryant Electrical Engineering

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