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Fall 2016 RSVP Confirmation List

Adams Taylor Jonathan Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Alharthi Abdulrahman Mohammed Mechanical Engineering
Andrews Jonathan Wayne Electrical and Computer Engineering
Armentrout Brian David Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Baker Andrew Taylor Industrial and Systems Engineering
Baker Skyler Grant Civil Engineering
Barker Gary Austin Civil Engineering
Barnette Josh A. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bashour Kyle G. Computer Science
Birsch Nathan Andrew Civil Engineering
Bolles Mark C. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bowling Emma M. Civil Engineering
Boyd Justin David Industrial & Systems Engineering
Breuhl Matthew Jules Mechanical
Brevard Justin Kelly Mechanical Engineering
Cantrell Kyle S. Electrical Engineering
Cardwell Ellen Rose Mechanical Engineering
Cauthen Michael Alexander Computer Science
Chander Vishnu B. Computer Science
Cheairs Jermaine S. Electrical Engineering
Cheatwood Andrew Barrett Civil Engineering
Church Justin David Mechanical Engineering
Clendenon Michael Chad Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Cobb Blake Evan Civil Engineering
Coppock Holden Tanner Electrical Engineering
Dagley James Francis Mechanical Engineering
Daugherty Hadyn Marie Nuclear Engineering
Davidson Donald Douglas Civil Engineering
Davis Matthew Veston Mechanical Engineering
Dumessa Michael Adugna Mechanical Engineering
Dumessa Michael Adugna Mechanical Engineering
Elkins Daniel Seth Nuclear Engineering
Ferguson James Morris Mechanical Engineering
Forsythe Norman Blake Mechanical Engineering
Godsey Kara Michelle Nuclear Engineering
Gonzalez Rosendo Jeremias Electrical Engineering
Goodwin Zachary Paul Civil Engineering
Gore Sarah Kathryn Aerospace Engineering
Greenlee Elliot Davis Computer Science
Gregory Alexandra L. Chemical Engineering
Grim Alex J. Mechanical Engineering
Haberer Jordon Michael Industrial/Systems Engineering
Haddad Abraham M. Industrial and Systems
Hamlin Dallas W. Electrical Engineering
Hannah Gentry M. Computer Science
Harris Tanner Ryan Electrical Engineering
Harrison Joshua Clayton Electrical Engineering
Hawkins Clifford S. Industrial and Systems Engineering
Hill Andrew M. Mechanical Engineering
Hilt Harrison Palmer Civil Engineering
Hockaday Edward E. Electrical Engineering
Hodge Jason Riley Mechanical Engineering
Holaday Garrett Lee Computer Science
Ige Nathaniel O. Computer Science
Izban Jordi   Mechanical Engineering
Jackson Clarence L. Computer Science
Johnson Justin Dwayne Industrial Engineering
Jones Daniel M. Computer Science
Jones Trevor Wayne Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jung Jun Kyo Mechanical Engineering
Kanel Andrew S. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Kirby Ashleigh Brooke Civil Engineering
Klibisz Aleksander   Computer Science
Leffew Joseph Duane Electrical Engineering
Lipford Ashley Karol Mechanical Engineering
Lombard Thomas Ryan Civil Engineering
Lynch Clint Alan Civil Engineering
Lyscas Tracy Alison Mechanical Engineering
Mann Joseph L. Electrical Enineering
Markum Seth Aaron Mechanical Engineering
Marlow Drew Christopher Mechanical Engineering
McCollom Connor Charles Mechanical Engineering
Miller Aaron J. Mechanical Engineering
Mixon Michael James Mechanical Engineering
Moelker Jonathan N. Industrial Engineering
Moore Dylan R. Mechanical Engineering
Newberry Hope Michelle Chemical Engineering
Nixon Amber Rochelle Industrial & Systems Engineering
Norton William Edward Electrical Engineering
Palcu Ellias   Computer Engineering
Person Alan C. Computer Science
Pickens James Byron Computer Science
Raucoules Adrien Peter Mechanical Engineering
Roberson Colin R. Mechanical Engineering
Rouleau Gregory P. Computer Science
Russell David Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Schaffer Sarah Ellen Computer Science
Sexton Mitchell Murphy Industrial & Systems Engineering
Slagle Parker William Mechanical Engineering
Smith Damiyelle L. Chemical Engineering
Smith Jared Michael Computer Science
Smith Montie E. Electrical Engineering
Smith Spring Elizabeth Industrial and Systems Engineering
Smith Wesley Dent Industrial Engineering
Soleman Sharon A. Computer Science
Spicher Nathan R. Nuclear Engineering
Spining Patrick Ryan Civil Engineering
Tekleberhan Zeray H. Electrical Engineering
Thalos Isaac M. Electrical Engineering
Tibbs Sean Michael Mechanical Engineering
Tosh Nathan Allen Mechanical Engineering
Totty Benjamin Lewis Civil Engineering
Turner Robert Franklin Nuclear Engineering
Tyler Grant Allen Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Shawn N. Nuclear Engineering
Venable Christopher Carter Mechanical Engineer
Ward Matthew Alexander Mechanical Engineering
Watson Taylor A. Nuclear Engineering
Whaley Daniel Matthew Mechanical Engineering
Whitfield Adam D. Mechanical Engineering
Winston Nicholas R. Electrical Engineering
Wortman Mason K. Mechanical Engineering
Xie Kun   Mechanical Engineering
Yowela Alick A.Y. Electrical Engineering

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