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Fall 2016 RSVP Confirmation List

Adams Joseph C. Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Anders John Harlton Food and Agricultural Business
Bell Sarah H. Animal Science
Bombassi Nicholas Angelo Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Bowling Emma M. Animal Science
Brooks Kiara Danye Food Science and Technology
Brown Jessica Ann Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication
Bryant Victoria Elizabeth Food and Agricultural Business
Buckner Elizabeth Clare Plant Sciences
Cameron Landon Scott Construction Science
Cardwell Candace Elizabeth Agricultural Science
Carter Walter Miles Plant Sciences
Chittom Hilary A. Forestry
Coke Erika L. Animal Science
Cuellar Lindsey Nichole Animal Science
Daniel Patrick Wayne Plant Sciences
Davis Jeremy Eugene Food Science and Technology
Davis Matthew S. Environmental and Soil Sciences
Denney Samuel B. Food Science and Technology
Domingo Sharena Joy Bahay Food and Agricultural Business
Dorwin Joshua Cody Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Dulin Parker James Biosystems Engineering
Durham Elizabeth Lee Food Science and Technology
Dye Zachary Timothy Animal Science
Eacott Alexandra M. Animal Science
Estep Mark Robert Environmental & Soil Science
Falconnier Melody J. Food Science and Technology
Fanelli MacKenzie R. Animal Science
Fitzgerald Bryan Michael Forestry
Follman Courtney N. Animal Science
Foster Lauren R. Animal Science
Frost Caycee Marie Food Science
Gambrell Haley Jo Animal Science
Giattino Brittany Lee Animal Science
Gordon Kristen Irene Animal Science
Graves Abbi Renee Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Comm./Agricultural Science Conc.
Greer Joshua Ethan Environmental & Soil Sciences/Construction Science Concentration
Hamilton Alexis Marie Food Science and Technology
Hatfield Tosha L. Plant Science
Hathaway Traronius E. Plant Sciences
Hawkins Ambriell DevRene Animal Science
Hayes Steven Keith Environmental and Soil Science
Henry Todd James Construction Science
Hoaglin William T. Forestry
Hobson Sarah Elizabeth Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Ingleburger Anna Jordan Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications
Kaiser Rebecca Julianne Animal Science
Landguth Andrew Charles Construction Science
Layfield Joshua F. Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Lee Mautrice Denise Animal Science
Livingston Caitlin M. Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Livne Noya   Natural Resources and Environmental Economics
Lounsbury Brianna Jane Animal Science
Marsee Angela Lea Animal Science
McCarty Kathrine Michelle Animal Science
McKay Lettie C. Food and Agricultural Business
Miller Katy R. Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Myers Boone Babcock Construction Science
Painter Timothy William Food and Agricultural Business
Pasko Ryan Michael Construction Science
Pennington Bronson Dee Plant Sciences
Perryman Brittany N. Forestry
Pickell Jarrod A. Wildlife & Fisheries Management
Pritchett Tanner Rex Food and Agricultural Business
Ray Amver Christine Animal Science
Rhodes Michael C. Food Science and Technology
Sandoe Amanda J. Animal Science
Schulenberg Victor J. Forestry
Scott II Charles Michael Construction Science
Seal Austin Chase Animal Science
Shannon Jackson L. Food Science and Technology
Shih Matthew Henry Food Science and Technology
Shupe Mark Andrew Food Science and Technology
Smith Rachel Katherine Food Science and Technology
Springer Amelia LeeAnn Wildlife and Fisheries Management
Stafford Thomas Alan Plant Sciences
Steinhaus Shannon Nicole Animal Science
Taylor John D. Environmental and Soil Science
Thompson Christopher Rylan Plant Sciences
Tice Andrew C. Plant Sciences
Tomlinson Justin Wayne Environmental and Soil Science
Trawinski Catherine Ann Food Science
Truitt Kelsey P. Food Science
Turner Alexander Landry Animal Science
Vargas Alyssa Diane Animal Science
Wilson Benjamin Stewart Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Wolfenbarger Taylor N. Plant Sciences
Woodall Katherine Grace Food Science and Technology
Wright Michael Lawrence Construction Science
Youngblood Jonathan Pierre Plant Sciences

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Arts & Sciences Nursing
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