The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Graduate School (L-Z)

Spring 2015 Confirmed Degrees

LaBorde  Christopher Joseph MS Mechanical Engineering
Lamb  Joshua Hu-Albert MSSW Social Work
Lane  Adam Christopher MS Civil Engineering
Lane  Thomas Scott MS Life Sciences
Langlois  Nathan York EDS Education
Langseth  Madison Lee MS Information Sciences
LaPlant  Donald David MS Information Sciences
Larouche  Anna Marie MSSW Social Work
Lash  Elizabeth Lara MS Aerospace Engineering
Latimer  Taylor Brooke MS Child and Family Studies
Lawson  Seth Douglas F. MS Materials Science & Engineer
Layne  Kristen Wynne MS Teacher Education
Leary  April Alleene MSSW Social Work
Ledoux  St. Thomas Majeau MS Geology
Lee  Sang Hyeb PHD Computer Science
Letteney  Kyle Ward MA Sociology
Lewis  Erica Ann MSSW Social Work
Lewis-Gonzales  Sarah Lynn MS Geography
Lezon Jr.  William Barclay MLA Landscape Architecture
Li  Kangkang MS Food Science And Technology
Lin  Jennifer MS Information Sciences
Little Taylor  Raemona Sharilyn MS Information Sciences
Liu  Jun MS Statistics
Liu  Jun PHD Civil Engineering
Liu  Yuan MS Geography
Logan  William Rhodes PHD Higher Education Administratn
Loi  Gimgun MS Materials Science & Engineer
Longmire  Paul Robert MS Teacher Education
Love  Ephraim Robert MS Geography
Lovvorn  Jordan Rae MS Teacher Education
Lowry  Autumn Nicole PHD Social Work
Luttrell  Emma Elizabeth MSSW Social Work
Lysett  Timothy Joseph MLA Landscape Architecture
Macher  Lauren Mccauley MS Communication And Information
MacLeod  Meredith Anne MSSW Social Work
Maldonado  Stefanie Lyn MSSW Social Work
Mancini  Stephanie Marie MSSW Social Work
Manning  Lynsee Renee MSSW Social Work
Mansouri Boroujeni  Misagh PHD Mechanical Engineering
Marion  Stephanie Nicole MS Recreation /Sport Management
Marlin  Lindsey Kate MS Recreation /Sport Management
Marlow  Benjamin Ledwell MSSW Social Work
Martin  Anita Joy MSSW Social Work
Martin  Emily Brooke PHD Comparative & Experimental Med
Martin  Stacey Christine MS Child and Family Studies
Martin  Yvette Lucretia MSSW Social Work
Mascaro  Marcie MBA Business Administration
Mathews  Julie Wonnell MS Nutrition
Matlock  Jessica Nelle Miner MPH Public Health
Mayberry II  Gerald Francis MSSW Social Work
Mayfield  Anna Marie MS Child and Family Studies
Maynard  Whitney Marie MSSW Social Work
Mays  Sarah Elizabeth MS Entomology And Plant Pathology
McAfee  Katrina Danae MSSW Social Work
McAnally  Caitlin Marie MSSW Social Work
McBride  Joseph Curtis MS Industrial Engineering
McBrien  Kate Kathleen MS Teacher Education
Mccabe  Joseph Benjamin PHD Nuclear Engineering
McCarley  Hollins Fera MS Teacher Education
McClain  Shanndor Alexandar MSSW Social Work
Mcclanahan  Matthew Doddridge MS Wildlife & Fisheries Science
McClure  Rebecca Jane MS Information Sciences
McClurkin  Grace Elizabeth MS Mathematics
McConoughey  Leah Kathryn MSSW Social Work
Mccorvey  Elizabeth Lanier MSSW Social Work
McCuiston  Kimberly Flanders PHD Education
McDaniel  Sarah Julia MSSW Social Work
McGee  Justin Miles MA English
McGirl  Lindsey Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Mcguire  Patrick Joseph MA Economics
Mckendry  Melissa Sue MSSW Social Work
McKenzie  Mark Thomas MS College Student Personnel
McKnight  Julie Yvette PHD Geography
McMahon  Matthew John PHD Economics
Mealey  Chad Christopher MS Recreation /Sport Management
Meeker  Lauren Owens MSSW Social Work
Mei  Yusheng MS Communication And Information
Mentz  Michael MS Reliability / Maintainability
Mike  Joshua Lee MS Mathematics
Mikos  Matthew Aaron MS Teacher Education
Miller  Connie Jo MS Educational Psychology
Mink  Alex Beatty MMUS Music
Minutolo  Joseph Anthony MS Chemical Engineering
Miranda  Lucia Gimena MS Counseling
Mitchell  Cody Aaron MS Civil Engineering
Mitchell  Sara Elizabeth MS Recreation /Sport Management
Mobley  Monica Clutch PHD Education
Moore  Thomas Madison PHD Chemistry
Morefield  Courtney Joyce MSSW Social Work
Mourier  Lauren Melissa MSSW Social Work
Muller  Joel Timothy MA Psychology
Mullins  Jessica Lena MSSW Social Work
Mullins  Melissa Leanne MS Teacher Education
Murphy  Morgan Elizabeth MS Recreation /Sport Management
Murrah  Travis Henault MSSW Social Work
Murray  Kim  Helen Napier MPH Public Health
Murray  Nathaniel Napier MA Economics
Myers  Kristina Lee MS Teacher Education
Nadler  Samantha Walker MSSW Social Work
Nagler  Mara Zoe MSSW Social Work
Nailor  Cynthia Monique MSSW Social Work
Nam  Benjamin Hisung MS Recreation /Sport Management
Neal  Erica Sue MSSW Social Work
Neiswender  Carolyn Trawick DSW Social Work
Nelson  Kimberly Marie PHD Chemistry
Neschke  Brendan MS Mechanical Engineering
Newman  Lauren Michele MS Nutrition
Nichols  Amber Christine MSSW Social Work
Nichols  John Campbell MA English
Niu  Ruixi MMUS Music
Noe  Elizabeth Dianne MS Teacher Education
Nolan  Kevin William MBA Business Administration
Nolan  Kevin William MS Business Analytics
Norman  Jeanea Denise MSSW Social Work
O'Connor  Matthew Samuel MS Information Sciences
O'Dell  Adam Benjamin MS College Student Personnel
Oegema  Kristopher Nathaniel MS Engineering Science
Olmstead  Allison Leann MS Information Sciences
Olsen  Catherine Trudy MS Geography
Olson  Kari I MPH Public Health
O'Malley  Michael Ryan MFA Creative Writing
O'Neill  Mary Theresa MSSW Social Work
Oppizzi  Lauren Michelle MSN Nursing
O'Quinn  Brittany Michelle MS Teacher Education
O'Rear  Kevin M. MS Mechanical Engineering
Orrick  Brandon Lynn MLA Landscape Architecture
Osborne  Hillary Diane MSSW Social Work
Owens  Tyler Scott MMUS Music
Ownby  Matthew Stephen MS Information Sciences
Owsley  Lauren Marie MS Teacher Education
Pack  Lauren Ashley MSSW Social Work
Palmer  Michelle Jean MSSW Social Work
Palone  Crystal Michelle MSSW Social Work
Paquet  Florence Ashley MSSW Social Work
Parker  Chelsea Moss MS Teacher Education
Parker  Matthew Jacob MS Environmental Engineering
Parks  Chandler Moss MS Teacher Education
Parks  Matthew Taylor MMUS Music
Parra Martinez  Jorge Damian MS Aerospace Engineering
Patterson  Melanie Nicole MSSW Social Work
Patty  Amber Marie MS Teacher Education
Paul  Ashley Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Pearce  Lindsay Jordan MS Information Sciences
Pemberton  Jenna Suzanne MSSW Social Work
Peng  Langchuan PHD Economics
Pereira-Borres  Zurely Denis MSSW Social Work
Petersen  Gordon Matthew MS Nuclear Engineering
Peterson  Thomas G. MARCH Architecture
Phillips  Melissa Lee MSSW Social Work
Phillips Jr.  William Franklin MSSW Social Work
Pickett  Steven Michael MS Biosystems Engineering
Pierce  Natalie Kay MS Teacher Education
Pinkston  Jessica Marie MSSW Social Work
Pino  Janine Chelsea MS Information Sciences
Ponzio  Nicholas Joseph MBA Business Administration
Ponzio  Nicholas Joseph MS Business Analytics
Pope  Megan Alexandria MS Teacher Education
Popp  Stefan Robert MS Mechanical Engineering
Preskenis  Kelsey MS Teacher Education
Price  Chanelle Takia MSSW Social Work
Principe  Rachel Hannah MS Teacher Education
Pullen III  Robert Henry MS Chemical Engineering
Rader  Anne Elizabeth MSSW Social Work
Rahim  Dalya Anjail MSSW Social Work
Rainey  Jared Thomas MS Business Analytics
Rainey  Jared Thomas MBA Business Administration
Rajic  Alexandra Marina MBA Business Administration
Rajic  Alexandra Marina MS Materials Science & Engineer
Rauch  Kara Elizabeth MS Counseling
Reasor  Laura Kathleen MS Counseling
Redman  Sylvia Jean MS Information Sciences
Reid  Lauren Carse PHD Business Administration
Reily  Samuel Austin MS Teacher Education
Reinbold  Emma Laura MS Child and Family Studies
Reynolds  Amanda Faith MSSW Social Work
Reynolds  Katherine Marie MSSW Social Work
Reynolds  Martha Grace MSSW Social Work
Reynoso Calvillo  Josafath Israel MFA Theatre
Rich  Wesley Adam MBA Business Administration
Riley  Stephanie Diane MS Teacher Education
Ritchey  Ellen Haven MSSW Social Work
Rivenburgh  Erica Lynne MSSW Social Work
Roberts  Amanda Lynn MSSW Social Work
Roberts  Sarah Ann MSSW Social Work
Robertson  Rebecca Ruth MS Information Sciences
Robinson  Christina Claire MS Teacher Education
Rode  Cheryl Rebecca PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Rodman  Cameron Reese MLA Landscape Architecture
Rollins  Bryan Grady MSSW Social Work
Rooker  Kelly Anne MS Mathematics
Rose  Amy Nicole PHD Geography
Rose  Garrett Robert MS Mathematics
Rosedale  Shannon Paige MSSW Social Work
Roush  Justin Ray PHD Economics
Routh  Sharon Lynn Bowles MS Information Sciences
Ruble  Matthew William PHD Philosophy
Rudewicz  Joanna Lynn MSSW Social Work
Russell  Kevin Patrick MS Geography
Rutig  Danielle Marie MS Educational Administration
Rutland  Krysta Bryana MMUS Music
Salvo  Christopher Ryan MS Civil Engineering
Samis  Michael Uri MSSW Social Work
Samples  Kristin Lynell MS Teacher Education
Sanders  Leanna Christine MS Teacher Education
Sanders  Richard Eugene MS Recreation /Sport Management
Sanok  Danielle Eve-Marie MS Agric Lead/Educ/Com
Satterfield  Daniel Edward MS Teacher Education
Saxe  Kelsie Ann Patricia MS Recreation /Sport Management
Schaplowsky  Abigail Lee MSSW Social Work
Schmidt  Megan Ryan MA Psychology
Schoutko  Rebekah Audrey MS Teacher Education
Schrock  Jonathan David MS Mathematics
Schuman  Catherine Dorothy PHD Computer Science
Selby  Aaron Patrick MS Nuclear Engineering
Shadrick  Aaron Kyle MSSW Social Work
Shah  Vrunda Umang MS Business Analytics
Shah  Vrunda Umang MBA Business Administration
Shaw  Susan Elizabeth MSSW Social Work
Shelton  Jacob Hunter MS Electrical Engineering
Sheppard  Micah Leah Claire MSSW Social Work
Shipley  Gary Bryan MA Philosophy
Shipp  Alice Clark MS Teacher Education
Shireman  Sarah Ashli MSSW Social Work
Shofner  Whit Morgan MS Business Analytics
Shofner  Whit Morgan MBA Business Administration
Shoieb  Zienab Ahmed Mohamed MS Communication And Information
Shoulders  Jonathan Brent MS Civil Engineering
Shwab  Elliot Keats Cullen PHD Microbiology
Silverman  Lisa Shari PHD Child and Family Studies
Simbeck  Nola Katherine MSSW Social Work
Simmons  Whitney Leella MS Agric Lead/Educ/Com
Simmons  William Morgan MS Environmental Engineering
Simpson  Blair Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Singer  Nicholas William MS Recreation /Sport Management
Sitton  Michelle Renee MSSW Social Work
Smart  Trevor Alan MS Civil Engineering
Smith  Amy Elizabeth MA English
Smith  Catherine Loftis MSSW Social Work
Smith  Catherine Louise MS Entomology And Plant Pathology
Smith  David Buchanan PHD Higher Education Administratn
Smith  Elizabeth Washam PHD Higher Education Administratn
Smith  Jonathan Morgan MBA Business Administration
Smith  Jonathan Morgan MS Business Analytics
Smith  Sarah Rachael MS Teacher Education
Sneed  Caroline Blythe MLA Landscape Architecture
Snyder  Corey Jean MSSW Social Work
Sollenberger  Lacey Pearl MS Kinesiology
Sonnanburg  Kevin Michael MS Mathematics
Sorter  Chelsey Gayle MS Teacher Education
Souza  Kenneth Allen MS Aviation Systems
Spencer  Derek Keith MS Information Sciences
Stand Stracuzzi  Luis Manuel MS Materials Science & Engineer
Standefer  Shantel Marie MSSW Social Work
Standifird  Tyler Whitney PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Starke  Michael MS Recreation /Sport Management
Starnes  Andrew Charles MS Mathematics
Starr  Ethan Douglas MS Recreation /Sport Management
Stepanek  Grace Anne MS Teacher Education
Stephenson  Brittany Christine MS Mathematics
Stewart  Ian Robert MS Nuclear Engineering
Stewart  Melissa Rose MSSW Social Work
Stewart  Tammy Marie PHD Education
Still  Anthony Garrett MS College Student Personnel
Stocking  Helena Mavromatis MPPA Public Policy & Administration
Stokes  Jeremy Alester MBA Business Administration
Stokes  McKenzie Lauren MS Child and Family Studies
Strawser  Joseph Alan MSSW Social Work
Street  Kelley Elizabeth MSSW Social Work
Strobel  Ellen Brown MS Information Sciences
Sturgill  Elizabeth Houston MS Teacher Education
Su  Dan MS Food Science And Technology
Su  Yang MS Human Resource Management
Sullivan  Andrea Nicole MS Counseling
Sullivan  Leah Ann MLA Landscape Architecture
Summers  Matthew Scott MS Mechanical Engineering
Sun  Zhiqian PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Sutphin  Juliet Bethel MS Teacher Education
Swafford  Andrew Kyle MS Teacher Education
Swafford  Julie Elizabeth MS Biomedical Engineering
Sweatt  Marissa Kathryn MSSW Social Work
Swett  Ashleigh Nicole MS Teacher Education
Swift  Colby Jordan MS Teacher Education
Synstelien  Jennifer Ann PHD Anthropology
Szukelewicz  Mary Claire MS Teacher Education
Tackett  Lisa Michelle MS Teacher Education
Tamaddoni Jahromi  Nima MS Mechanical Engineering
Tan  Mariclair Peggy MS Materials Science & Engineer
Taylor  Graham Jeffrey MS Biomedical Engineering
Taylor  Kendra Jane MSSW Social Work
Tedder  Milicia Antoinette PHD Child and Family Studies
Tegtmeier  Carl MS Mechanical Engineering
Terry  Brooke Elana MS Teacher Education
Terry  Caroline Kjerstin MS College Student Personnel
Thomas  Caitlin Michele MMUS Music
Thomas  Ian Michael MA English
Thompson  Matthew Dealon MS Information Sciences
Thorne  Lisa Denise MSSW Social Work
Throneberry  Justin Charles MSSW Social Work
Tidd  Whitney Suzanne MLA Landscape Architecture
Tidwell  Heather Nicole MS Communication And Information
Till  Micah Joel MS Electrical Engineering
Tischer  Michelin Lynae MS Teacher Education
Toedte  Ross John MS Teacher Education
Tong  Yang PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Tong  Zizhang MS Business Analytics
Tong  Zizhang MBA Business Administration
Toumy  Haya MS Mathematics
Townsend  Cristina Marie MS Teacher Education
Toy  Cofie Tyler MFA Creative Writing
Tracy  Connor Mitchell MS Recreation /Sport Management
Trotter  Mary Katherine MSSW Social Work
Troy  Paul Anthony MS Teacher Education
Tubb  Shanna Elizabeth MS Civil Engineering
Tucker  Holly Ann MPH Public Health
Tummons  Alex Charles MS Teacher Education
Tupper  Danielle Nicole MA English
Turner  Sarah Rae MSSW Social Work
Turner  Tiffany Renea MSSW Social Work
Turner  Traneika DSW Social Work
Underwood  Vicki Janene MSSW Social Work
Upshaw  Erin Rebecca MS Information Sciences
Valladares  Malcond David PHD Food Science And Technology
Vance  Ricky Adam MS Civil Engineering
Varney  Kevin Michael MFA Art
Vaughn  Kathryn Elliott MS Teacher Education
Vaughn  Richard Lee MS Industrial Engineering
Veloz  Lauren Elizabeth MSSW Social Work
Vickers  Kimberly Nichole MSSW Social Work
Wall  Elisabeth Windsor MSSW Social Work
Wallace  Elizabeth Bullard MSSW Social Work
Walton  Ebonye LaShae MSSW Social Work
Wamp  Bailey Miller MA French
Ward  Jacob Daniel MA English
Watts  Lauren Ashley MS Teacher Education
Wayman  Clint Marshall MLA Landscape Architecture
Wayman  Sarah Jones MS Geography
Weatherstone  Anna Lucille MSSW Social Work
Webb  Kathryn Marie MPH Public Health
Webb  Maria Gayle MSSW Social Work
Weber  Darrin M. MS Mathematics
Wei  Hua PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Wellington  Tracey-Ann Althea PHD Energy Science and Engineering
Welz  Zachary Allen MS Nuclear Engineering
Wharton III  Thomas Edward MFA Art
Wheat  Amber Davis PHD Anthropology
White  William Nolan MSSW Social Work
Whiteman  Megan Lynne MMUS Music
Whitlock  Kimberly Joanna Noce MS Entomology And Plant Pathology
Widdifield  Hannah R. MA English
Wilkinson  Sasha Marie MS Food Science And Technology
Willemain  Kayleigh Ruth MS Child and Family Studies
Williams  Iesha N. MS Counseling
Williamson  Jacob Troy MPPA Public Policy & Administration
Wilson  Marietta Caitlyn MS Child and Family Studies
Wimsatt  Jacob William MARCH Architecture
Winter  Grant Alexander MSSW Social Work
Winters  Ali L. DSW Social Work
Wise  Gail Peterson DSW Social Work
Witt  Allyson Danyelle MSSW Social Work
Witte  Michael Jonathan MS Physics
Woracek  Robin PHD Engineering Science
Wright  Caroline Grace MSSW Social Work
Wroe  Melissa Ashley MSSW Social Work
Wu  Yan MBA Business Administration
Wu  Yan MS Business Analytics
Xie  Xie PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Xue  Jia PHD Food Science And Technology
Yadavali  Sagar Prasad PHD Chemical Engineering
Yaffee  Kathryn Bauman MSSW Social Work
Yang  Jianjiang PHD Civil Engineering
Yang  Jianjiang MS Statistics
Yasin  Fareed Mahmoud MS Nuclear Engineering
Yates  Kendra Lavon MSSW Social Work
Yi  Jieyu PHD Materials Science & Engineer
Yiu  Yuen PHD Physics
Young  James Mark MS Information Sciences
Young II  Marcus Aaron PHD Electrical Engineering
Zhang  Congling PHD Chemical Engineering
Zhang  Mengqi PHD Chemical Engineering
Zhao  Yi PHD Nutritional Sciences
Zhong  Yicong MS Geography

Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Education, Health & Human Sciences
Architecture & Design Engineering
Arts & Sciences (A-K) Nursing
Arts & Sciences (L-Z) Social Work
Business Administration Veterinary Medicine
Communication & Information  





Office of the University Registrar

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