The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Graduate School (A-K)

Summer 2013 Confirmed Degrees

Abboud  Jacques PHD Aerospace Engineering
Adams  Rachel Michelle PHD Life Sciences
Ahn  Sung Hoon PHD Physics
Akiki  Michel Henry PHD Mechanical Engineering
Allen  Crystal Dawn MSN Nursing
Allen  Melanie Ann MS Information Sciences
Alverson  Natalie Nicole MPH Public Health
Amirikamalabad  Mojtaba MS Computer Engineering
Armstrong  Katherine Marie MARCH Architecture
Arnold  Heather Nicole MS Teacher Education
Arrowood, III  Lloyd Fredrick PHD Computer Science
Auxier, II  John David PHD Chemistry
Ayers  Kati Anne MS Geology
Bagley  Brooke Lynn MS Counseling
Baker  Andrew James PHD Geography
Ballard  Gary Steven MS Industrial Engineering
Barb  Kerry Kathleen MS Child and Family Studies
Bargery  Elise Christine MS Teacher Education
Barrett  Mary Allison MS Teacher Education
Bartnik  Bryan Andre MS Civil Engineering
Bass  Brittany Lynn MS Human Resource Management
Bass  Heather Marie PHD Chemistry
Bastin  Bryan Christopher MS Animal Science
Beckman  Eric PHD Retail/Hospitality/Tourism Management
Belote  Melinda Meadows MAC Accounting
Bennett  Kevin O'Brien MS Educational Administration
Berger  Daniel Porter MARCH Architecture
Bergfeld  Tara Nicole MS Information Sciences
Bernard  Bradley Michael MAC Accounting
Best  Sarah Emily MS Human Resource Management
Bethard  Jonathan Daniel PHD Anthropology
Bettis  Valerie Lenea MS Counseling
Bisangwa  Eric MS Agricultural and Resource Economics
Bishop  Matthew David MBA Business Administration
Bishop  Matthew David MS Civil Engineering
Blackwell  Robert W. MS Environmental Engineering
Blaschke  Jeremy Daniel MS Entomology and Plant Pathology
Blondin  Carolyn Anne PHD School Psychology
Boettcher  Kaitlyn L MSN Nursing
Bogle  Matthew Cameron MAC Accounting
Bonnell  Andrea Kathryn MSN Nursing
Borum  Kara Earl MS Teacher Education
Bosel  Melissa D. MSSW Social Work
Bowers  Kendria Krisshon MSSW Social Work
Boyce  Andrea   MS Counseling
Boykin  Kathy Renee MSSW Social Work
Breedlove  Marci Michelle PHD Psychology
Brenes  Roberto M. PHD Natural Resources
Brewer  Benjamin Tyler MS Teacher Education
Bridges  Adam Gregory MAC Accounting
Broda-Schunck  Joanna PHD Modern Foreign Languages
Broome  Mary Leigh MAC Accounting
Brown  Casey Shane MS Civil Engineering
Brown  Douglas Trevor MAC Accounting
Brown  Hannah Marie MAC Accounting
Bruno  Justin Dean MLA Landscape Architecture
Bryan  Cody Allen MAC Accounting
Bryan  Haley Nicole MS Child and Family Studies
Bryan  Nana PHD Management Science
Buche  Leah Jade MS Teacher Education
Bundy  Mark Gerald Ronald MS Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Burkhardt  Todd Allan PHD Philosophy
Burt  Melissa Ann MS Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
Cain, II  James Leonard MARCH Architecture
Callahan  Kimberly Nicole MS Teacher Education
Camp  Emily Madison MS Teacher Education
Cardell  Debra Elizabeth MA English
Carmody  Lydia Dorsey MA Anthropology
Carr  Christopher Brian PHD Biomedical Engineering
Carrasco Abarca  Nelson Milan MS Statistics
Carrasco Abarca  Nelson Milan PHD Business Administration
Castor  Jeffrey Michael MARCH Architecture
Cates  Joshua William PHD Nuclear Engineering
Cawood  Ellen Chelsea MS Child and Family Studies
Certis  Hannah Marie MS College Student Personnel
Chen  Bilin MS Materials Science & Engineering
Chen  Hongchu MS Mechanical Engineering
Chen  Xi PHD Biomedical Engineering
Chen  Zhongdong PHD Business Administration
Cheng  Karen Ru-Shiow MS Teacher Education
Clark  Emily Michelle MS Aerospace Engineering
Clifton  Kendra Suzanne MS Child and Family Studies
Cloar  Erin Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Cody  Jennifer Anne PHD School Psychology
Cole  Adam Daniel MAC Accounting
Cole  Alexander Devon MAC Accounting
Coleman  Brett Philip MS Teacher Education
Collins  John Parnell MS Mathematics
Collins, Jr.  William Herbert MS Electrical Engineering
Coltuclu  Vitali Ilia PHD Chemistry
Conley  Meghan Elizabeth PHD Sociology
Connell  Clayton Parker MBA Business Administration
Connell  Clayton Parker MS Business Analytics
Coop  Robert Austin PHD Computer Engineering
Copeland  Raleigh Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Copeland, III  William Edward MLA Landscape Architecture
Cottle  Christopher Adam MS Information Sciences
Craig  Sarah Elizabeth MAC Accounting
Craig, III  Michael Philip MA Economics
Crawford  Darby Rae MS Teacher Education
Craze  Katherine Lauren MS Teacher Education
Cude  William Nathan PHD Microbiology
Cummins  Christopher Mark MS Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communication
Damron  Aubrie Dianne MARCH Architecture
Daniell  Robert Bruce PHD Retail/Hospitality/Tourism Management
Davenport  Lisa Ann PHD Nursing
Davis  Chad William MAC Accounting
Davis  Spenser Patrick MAC Accounting
Dawson  Eric Christopher MS Information Sciences
Dellard  Tiffany JaNise PHD Educational Psych and Research
Delvaux  Abigail Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Deng  Jie MA Economics
Deskin  Melissa Brooke MS Teacher Education
Deyrup  Julie Ann MA Spanish
Di Loreto  Dominic Joseph MA Psychology
Dietrich  Jessie Diane MS Information Sciences
Dittrich-Reed  Dylan Robert PHD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Doherty  Brian Christopher MARCH Architecture
Dolinak  Margaret Bond MS Teacher Education
Doss  Ashley Michelle MS Human Resource Management
Douglas  Morgan Jessica MS Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Douthat  Kathleen Brien PHD Educational Psychology and Research
Draper  Thomas James MS Kinesiology
Dudley  Hannah Katherine MS Teacher Education
Dunville  Jody Christopher MA English
Dyer  Nathan Ellis MS Biomedical Engineering
Eldridge  Erin Rae PHD Anthropology
Eleazer  Courtney Dianne PHD Anthropology
Emison, Jr.  John Avery MS Civil Engineering
Evans  Jennifer Cofer MS Teacher Education
Evans  Nathaniel Joseph PHD Communication and Information
Fassino  Steven Lee MS Mathematics
Feng  Qiming   MS Communication and Information
Feng  Yeting MS Electrical Engineering
Fenyves  Ryan Michael MS Civil Engineering
Foch  Eric Henri PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Foster  Katherine Jean MSN Nursing
Fraker  Leanna Meghan MAC Accounting
Franklin  Coral Lee MS Aviation Systems
Frerichs  Joshua Thomas MS Environmental Engineering
Fromke  Gretchen Berger MS Counseling
Fu  Qi MS Human Resource Management
Gaddis  Abigail Laurel PHD Civil Engineering
Gaddis  Krista Green MS Teacher Education
Galbreath  Blake Lee Everett MS Information Sciences
Galyon  Charles Edward PHD School Psychology
Gamble  Kendra Rae MS Teacher Education
Gardner  Jacob Kale PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Gardner  Troy Patrick MLA Landscape Architecture
Garrett  Logan Wayne MAC Accounting
Garrott  Olivia Ellen MS Teacher Education
Garroway  Lauren Ashley MA Anthropology
Geswein  Maria Kathryn MSN Nursing
Ghimire  Nirmal Jeevi PHD Physics
Gilleaudeau  Geoffrey J. PHD Geology
Gonzalez Forero  Mauricio PHD Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
Gormley  Jimmy Christopher MAC Accounting
Gowin  Jeffrey Charles MAC Accounting
Grant  Brian Christopher MAC Accounting
Gray  Jeffrey Randolph MS Industrial Engineering
Greene  Bradley Kerwin MS Electrical Engineering
Greer  Anna Catherine MA German
Greer  Kathryn DuPree MARCH Architecture
Greer  Steven Dewayne MS Kinesiology
Gregg  Juliana Noelle MS Child and Family Studies
Gress  Perri Lynn MS Teacher Education
Gulvik  Christopher Adam PHD Microbiology
Guo  Cong MS Industrial Engineering
Hagen  Ethan Daniel MS Plant Sciences
Hallman, Jr.  Russell Louis PHD Polymer Engineering
Hammer  Caitlin Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Harb  Nicolle Marie MAC Accounting
Harding  Lauren Kriston PHD Political Science
Hardy  William Edward PHD History
Harper  Travis Anderson MAC Accounting
Harris  Nicole Elizabeth MS Teacher Education
Harris  Sarah Elizabeth MS Child and Family Studies
Harris  Valerie Dilliard MSSW Social Work
Harrison  Deedee Miriam MS Kinesiology
Hartman  Annie Jean MA German
Hawkins  Amanda Logan MAC Accounting
Hawkins, III  James Franklin MAC Accounting
Haynes  Bradley Neil MS Civil Engineering
Headd  Brendan Joseph PHD Geology
Heine  James Romeo MAC Accounting
Heise  David Aaron MS Computer Engineering
Hendricks  Brian   MS Entomology and Plant Pathology
Herbert  Jasmine Dominque MS Counseling
Herscher  Megan C. PHD Counselor Education
Hibbard, II  Robert Lawrence MAC Accounting
Hicks  Michael Scott MS Environmental Engineering
Higgins  Sarah Ann MS Human Resource Management
Hill  Margeaux Lynn MSSW Social Work
Hockman  Emily Vera MS Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Holland  Hailey Allyse MPH Public Health
Holmberg  Bjorn Anders PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Holt  Tina Miller EDS Education
Horton  Jessica L PHD Education
Howell  Meredith Lee MS Nutrition
Hu  Sheng MS Chemical Engineering
Hubbell  Katelyn Ann MS Child and Family Studies
Huff  Timothy E PHD Civil Engineering
Hughes  Amber Nicole PHD Counselor Education
Hughes  Cori Michelle MS Teacher Education
Hyatt  Joshua Charles MS Mathematics
Hyder  Fatima Binte Asad MS Human Resource Management
Iniashvili  Mzisadari MS Physics
Isaacs  Allyson Ross MS Teacher Education
Jackson  Helen Morgan MAC Accounting
Jacobs  Mark Christopher MS Industrial Engineering
James  Jesse Allen MS Teacher Education
Jena  Rajesh Kumar MS Food Science And Technology
Jenkins  Leah Denise MS Teacher Education
Jennings  Karlene Noel MS Information Sciences
Jin  Zhiqiang PHD Electrical Engineering
Johns  Erica Mehan MS Information Sciences
Johnson  Crystal DeAnn MS Information Sciences
Johnson  Hannah Ruth MS Geology
Johnson  Megan Christine MS College Student Personnel
Johnson  Rachel Christine MS Teacher Education
Jones  Brittany Megan MS Child and Family Studies
Jones  Desiree Jensey EDS Education
Jones  Kelli Marie MS Recreation /Sport Management
Jones  Rhonda Marie MS Teacher Education
Joyce  Blake Lee PHD Plants, Soils, And Insects
Kail  Andrew Austin MS Aerospace Engineering
Kajer  Emily Nicole MAC Accounting
Kaminsky  Courtney Michelle MS Teacher Education
Karakaya  Suveyda PHD Political Science
Karnowski  Adam Paul MS Teacher Education
Kaspar  Jason Kenneth MAC Accounting
Keenan  Sarah Elizabeth MS Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communication
Keith  Stephanie Renae MSSW Social Work
Kelly  James Andrew MAC Accounting
Kenny  Kristina Diane MS Teacher Education
Key  David S PHD Higher Education Administration
Khoury  Lora Jennifer MS Information Sciences
Kile  Cassi Joann MS Teacher Education
Kimball  Jessica Brush MSN Nursing
King  Jason Keith PHD Physics
Kirkland  Caroline O'Ferrall MAC Accounting
Knapp  Erin Lynn MA Anthropology
Knoke-Staggs  Gillian M. MS Information Sciences
Knust  Susannah Kaye PHD Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Koyano  Takayuki MAC Accounting
Kozlova  Valentina PHD Economics
Kramer  Erin Elizabeth MAC Accounting

Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Education, Health & Human Sciences
Architecture & Design Engineering
Arts & Sciences (A-K) Nursing
Arts & Sciences (L-Z) Social Work
Business Administration Veterinary Medicine
Communication & Information  





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