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College of Communication and Information

Summer 2013 Confirmed Degrees

Bolinger  Aleah D. BAC CommStd
Bowles  Emilee Alison BAC CommStd
Branaman  Jenna Gwen BAC CommStd
Briody  Casey Lynn BSC Adver
Carr  James Richard BAC CommStd
Carver  Kristin Kelly BSC PublRe
Choy  Hayley Alice BSC Adver
Christensen  Abbigail Rose BAC CommStd
Clouse  Ashlee Danielle BAC CommStd
Cole  Courtney Alexandra BSC PublRe
Cole  Valerie Leigh BAC CommStd
Dalton  Patrick Cameron BSC Adver
Dennis  Tayler Jane BSC PublRe
Dorcas  Danielia Kristine BAC CommStd
Doyle  David A. BSC Jem
Franklin  Sean Steven BSC Jem
Fritts  Christopher James BAC CommStd
Godfrey  Kelsey Lynn BAC CommStd
Gosciniak  Jennifer Marie BSC PublRe
Guess  Jonathan E. BSC Jem
Harrison  Jessica Lane BAC CommStd
Harrison  Ryan David BAC CommStd
Herring  Juan Mario Antonio BS COMM ADV
Hill  Kendall Christina BAC CommStd
Howard  Ryan T. BSC Jem
Hutton  Elizabeth Brinkley BAC CommStd
Ince  Deborah Elaine BSC Jem
Kast  Tharrel Clayton BSC Adver
Kedrow  Elizabeth Carson BAC CommStd
Kelsey  Mary Elizabeth BSC PublRe
Lafollette  Josie Marie BAC CommStd
Langley  Shawn Mitchell BAC CommStd
Lawrence  William Casey BSC Adver
Lees  Patrick Everett BAC CommStd
Levy  Frances Curran BAC CommStd
Leyrer  Kelsey Joy BSC Jem
Lovingood  Trevor Tollett BAC CommStd
Mansfield  Megan Lee BSC PublRe
Massingill  Sable BSC PublRe
Mays  Logan Leighann BAC CommStd
McBee  Skylar Andrew BAC CommStd
McCoy  Matt Talmadge BAC CommStd
McGuire  Shannon Maureen BAC CommStd
McNair  Thomas Hay BS COMM JEM
Middleton  Michael Deeley BSC PublRe
Mills  James Dustin BAC CommStd
Muhammad, Jr.  Jeremy S. Brown BAC CommStd
Munsey  Melissa Lynn BAC CommStd
Odom  Deanna Claire BAC CommStd
O'Kelley  Claire Ansley BSC PublRe
Panella  Andrew Ward BSC Jem
Phillips  Natalie Michelle BSC PublRe
Ritch  Laura Abigail BAC CommStd
Roach  Hannah Ruth BSC Jem
Salimi  Nastaran BSC Jem
Salimi  Yasaman BSC Jem
Shuford  Savannah Grace BSC PublRe
Simmons  Sidney Akoye BSC Jem
Smith, II  Anthony Roy BSC PublRe
Snyder  Sloane Marie BSC Jem
Stanifer  Clay Ritchie BAC CommStd
Tharp  Wallis Erica Victoria BAC CommStd
Towry  Jacob Burton BAC CommStd
Trupovnieks  Lauren Kenley BAC CommStd
Walsh  Edward John BAC CommStd
Whitlow  Megan Elizabeth BAC CommStd
Willard  Casey Lee BAC CommStd
Williams  Brian Michael BAC CommStd
Willingham  Trevor Thomas BSC Adver
Wilson  Reginald Deandre BS COMM JEM
Wright  Victoria Janelle BSC Jem
Yanes  Katelyn Ann BS COMM PUBLIC REL
Yarbro  Anna Mccormick BSC Jem

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Telephone calls for the Office of the University Registrar are answered by One Stop Express Student Services Center (865-974-1111) located at Hodges Library Ground Floor, 1015 Volunteer Boulevard. To contact University Registrar staff please refer to "Staff Listing".

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