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College of Social Work

Spring 2013 Confirmed Degrees

Blackburn  Casey Adam BSSW SW
Brannick  Morgan Nicole BSSW SW
Brown  Jasmine Trivette BSSW SW
Coram  Tara Noel BSSW SW
Cote  Angele Beth BSSW SW
Dowsey  Michael Terrance BSSW SW
Dubrule  Allison BSSW SW
Engineer  Sweta Jitendra BSSW SW, Psy
Ensley  Caitlin Taylor BSSW SW
Forbes  Elizabeth Delane BSSW SW
Gentry  Savannah Eve BSSW SW
Hanna  Mira BSSW SW
Heins  Jessica Noelle Moyers BSSW SW
Hood  Ryan Patrick BSSW SW
Jones  Megan Evana BSSW SW
Kemmer  Jordan Lynmarie BSSW SW
Kile  Tiffany Griffith BSSW SW
Lewis  Lyndsay Beth BSSW SW
Lindley  Margaret Claire BSSW SW
Mills  Carolyn Michelle BSSW SW
Neel  Johnna Raye BSSW SW
Neubert  Janece E. BSSW SW
Norton Al-Bawi  Jeminaka Deanna BSSW SW
Pilkay  Stefanie Renee BSSW SW, Psy
Qualls  Lynsee Renee BSSW SW
Rice  Lacie Dianne BSSW SW
Robertson  Anne Grace BSSW SW
Schwahn  Sarah Brooke BSSW SW
Sellers  Candice Tara BSSW SW
Stevens  Brandin-Lea Haines BSSW SW
Stout  Samantha LeAnne BSSW SW
Teran, II  Eduardo Manuel BSSW SW
Tucker  Lynsey Eileen BSSW SW
Wells  John Kevin BSSW SW

Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Education, Health & Human Sciences
Architecture & Design Engineering
Arts & Sciences (A-K) Nursing
Arts & Sciences (L-Z) Social Work
Business Administration Veterinary Medicine
Communication & Information  





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