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College of Education, Health and Human Sciences

Fall 2013 Confirmed Degrees

Akers  Emily Nicole BSED Kinesio
Arrowood  Sable Adair BSSM HRT
Aylor  Elizabeth Ashley BSED Kinesio
Bailey  Jennifer Elizabeth Rose BSED ExSc
Ball  Jonathon Tanner BSED RSM
Ballard  Connor Ross BSED Kinesio
Berry  Chelsea Elizabeth BSED Kinesio
Black  Jordan Chase BSED Kinesio
Bowland  Victoria Elisabeth BSRHTM RCS
Braun  Rachel Elizabeth BSHHS CFS
Burgess  Ashley Nicole BSHHS CFS
Burgess  Mary Elizabeth BSED SpecEd
Bush  Amanda Carol BSED Kinesio
Capocaccia  Caroline Michelle BS KNS
Cardwell  Catherine Nan BSED SpecEd
Carrethers  Jordan Lee BSED RSM
Carter  Kelly Morgan BSED Kinesio
Chandler  Mark Franklin BS RSM
Chonko  Cassie Rae BSED Kinesio
Clark  Hayley Noelle BSED RSM
Cochran  Alexandra Dorris BSED Kinesio
Cooper  Brittany Tianna BSED Kinesio
Cooper  Sarah Elizabeth BSED Kinesio
Cox  Adam Christopher BSED Kinesio
Cox  Susan Alexis BSRHTM HRT
Cross  Emily Elizabeth BSED SpecEd
Cummings  Meredith Anne BSED Kinesio
Curtis  Jeremy Javon BSED Kinesio
Daily  Kara Alexandria BSHHS CFS
Daniel  Cody Michael BSED RSM
Dean  Andrea Elizabeth BSSM HRT
Demetros, III  Nicholas James BSED Kinesio
DeVault  Stephanie Carey BS RSM
Drew  Amy Rebecca BSED SpecEd
Dunn  Jillian Rae BS SPED
Edington  Chevy Leigh BS SPED
Fierley Allen  Justine Nicole BSED RLS
Fink  Katie Marie BSED Kinesio
Fletcher  Scott Joseph BSED RSM
Ford  Madison Hope BSSM RCS
Frazier  Sarah Ruth BSED RSM
Frommelt  Michael Sean BSED Kinesio
Fry  Taylor Alan BSED RSM
Garland  Kara Nicole BSRHTM RCS
Garrett, Jr.  Stephen Kent BSED Kinesio
Gentry  Kaitlin Michelle BSED SpecEd
Gieske, III  Jakie Dwane BSED RSM
Gilbert  Les Daniel BSED Kinesio
Goins  Aaron Morris BSED Kinesio
Greene  Andrew Todd BSED Kinesio
Grieco  Gregory Ross BSED Kinesio
Grigsby  Alexa Jo BSED SpecEd
Gwinn  Erin Katherine BSSM HRT
Hall  Amanda Michelle BSSM HRT
Hall  Nicholas Gene BSED Spt Mgt
Hardin  Samantha Lee BSED SpecEd
Heeres  Whitney Jenna BSED SpecEd
Henry  Morgan Lynn BSED Kinesio
Herman  Grant Jeffrey BSRHTM RCS
Holland  Justin Thomas BSRHTM HRT
Hudson  Dorian Albert BSRHTM RCS
Jett  Leslie Michelle BSSM HRT
Joiner  Felicia Marie BS KNS
Jonas  Jared Christopher BSSM HRT
Jones  Jordan Boyd BSED RSM
Knight  Kandace Brianna BSED RSM
Kureshi  Amir Rafaat BSED Kinesio
Lacy  Nicklaus Rashun BSED Kinesio, Psy
Ladd  Alyssa Ann BSED Kinesio
Lalani  Alizeh Amyn BSHHS CFS
Lewellyn  Regina Lee BSHHS CFS
Lindsey  Kendall Leigh BSSM RCS
Lochridge  Megan Elizabeth BSSM HRT
Lowe  Colton T. BSED Kinesio
Lynch  Zachary Carson BSED Kinesio
Madison  Hollie Nicole BSED Kinesio
Mason  Allyson Brooke BSED Kinesio
Matthews  Trina Shanay BSED SpecEd
McCammon, IV  Arthur Raleigh BSED Spt Mgt
McCormick  Jessica Lynn BSRHTM HRT
McGee  Justin Timothy BSED Kinesio
McMahan  Madison Michelle BSED SpecEd
Miller  Caitlin Rebecca BSED Kinesio
Mitchell  Christopher Earl BSED RSM
Montgomery  Kaadia Rodneka BSHHS CFS
Moore  Cody James BSED Kinesio
Moore  Nicholas Randall BSED Kinesio
Morrison  Alexandra Beth BSSM HRT
Mumphery  Derek Sean BSED Kinesio
Muncey  Timothy Jacob BSED RSM
Nguyen  Huong Thiminh BSRHTM HRT
Nicholson  Joshua Ryne BSED RSM
Nugent  Micheal William BSSM HRT
Oaks  Emily Ann BSED Kinesio
Orange  Ashley Lyn BSED SpecEd
Patel  Priyankkumar Mukeshkumar BSED Kinesio
Patel  Rahda Thakor BS KNS
Perry  Nicholas John BSED Kinesio
Phillips  Clinton Andrew BSED Kinesio
Phillips  Kendall Thomas BSED RSM
Picus  Alex Michael BSSM HRT
Pope  Megan Alexandria BSED SpecEd
Pungkeo  Alysia Zena BSHHS CFS
Reavis  Kimber Danielle BSHHS CFS
Richey  David William BSED RSM
Ripper  Emily Elizabeth BSRHTM HRT
Roberts  Rebecca Lauren BSHHS CFS
Robertson  Jeffery Colton BSED RSM
Rosenberg  Dani Reyne BSSM RCS
Sandefur  Lauryn Mckynzie BSRHTM RCS
Sayres Gregory Andrew BS KNS
Sluder  Kara Ann BSED SpecEd
Spears  Neyland Paxson BSED RSM
Squailia  Meagan Brook BSED Kinesio
Steele  Clare Marie BSED Kinesio
Stephens  Lauren Nicole BSHHS CFS
Stone  Phillip Lee BSED RSM
Strzelczyk  Sarah Marie BSRHTM RCS
Sturgeon  Emily Maureen BSHHS CFS
Tate  Jerrett Lance BSRHTM HRT
Taylor  Jacob Lee BSSM HRT
Tope  Hunter Neal BSED Kinesio
Trawinski  Caroline Marie BSED RSM
Traylor  Corey Viravec BSED Kinesio
Vires  Jessica Marie BSSM HRT
Volz  Jessica Marie BSRHTM HRT
Waller  Jonathan Evan-Branford BSED RSM
Wihlen  Amanda Hillary BS KNS
Wilcox  Allender Jo BSED RSM
Wilkerson  Brianna Janel BSRHTM HRT
Winfree  Joseph Christopher BSRHTM RCS
Ziegler  Hannah Nicole BSED Kinesio
Zimmerman  Amber Jeanne BSED Kinesio

Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Education, Health & Human Sciences
Architecture & Design Engineering
Arts & Sciences (A-K) Nursing
Arts & Sciences (L-Z) Social Work
Business Administration Veterinary Medicine
Communication & Information  





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