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College of Communication and Information

Fall 2013 Confirmed Degrees

Barendse  Angie BSC PublRe
Barringer  William Edwin BSC PublRe
Batson  Chase Tucker BSC Jem
Boyd  Jeremy William BSC Jem
Buckles  Jacqueline Whitney BAC CommSt
Burdine  Laura Alyce BSC PublRe
Cable  Elizabeth Estelle BSC Jem
Cleger  Christine Adele BSC Jem
Cockrell  Marvyl Ann BSC Jem
Coggins  Brittany Denise BSC Jem
Copelan  Christine Cordelia BSC PublRe
Craig  Robin Milee' BSC PublRe
Craze  Jon-Michael White BA COMM COMM STUDIES
Cronin  Kacey Eileen BAC CommSt
Dangerfield  Peter John BAC CommSt
Davis  Joseph Robert BSC Jem
Dixon  Sarah Denise BSC Jem
Edwards  Erin Isabel BSC PublRe
Fox  Jasmine Elizabeth BSC Jem
Fox  Kelly Christine BSC Jem
Fritts  Courtney Danielle BSC Jem
Fuqua  Rebecca Anne BSC PublRe
Hall  Katie Elizabeth BAC CommSt
Hardin  Haley Addison BSC PublRe
Harris  Chelsea Lee BSC Jem
Haworth  Whitney Hayden BSC Jem
Hayner  Devan Nicole BSC PublRe
Henry  Katherine Grace BSC PublRe
High  Clint Tyler BSC Adver
Hood  Mackenzie Marie BSC PublRe
Hounchell  Whitley Elizabeth BAC CommSt
Ihli  Monica Inez BAC CommSt
Jones  Ryan Anthony BSC Jem
Jordan, III  Robert Jeremiah BSC Adver
Kincaid  Samantha Lauren BS COMM JEM
Kline  Hannah Nicole BSC Adver
Leach  Jonathan Seth BSC Jem
Leland  Sydney Kathryn BAC CommSt
Lowery  Jack Michael BAC CommSt
Lynskey  Molly Durham BSC Adver
Macomber  Mare Marie BAC CommSt
Magill  Matthew Thomas BAC CommSt, PolS
Marrero  Leland Mccoy BAC CommSt
Martin  Jessica Marie BSC Jem
McCool  Cailyn Lindsay BAC CommSt
McDaniel  Shayla Retha BSC PublRe
Mclain  Colton Lee BAC CommSt
Mitchell  Alice Ann BSC Jem
Morgan  Mackenzie Renee BSC PublRe
Pablo, Jr.  Michael Anthony BSC Jem
Palardy  Michael Albert BAC CommSt
Park  Sookjo BSC Adver
Reed  Jonathan Marcus BAC CommSt
Reed  Tennion Deondra BAC CommSt
Reese  Casey Taylor BAC CommSt
Reilly  Catherine Kirby BSC PublRe
Reinwald  Caroline McGinnis BSC Jem
Riggs  Alexis Kathryn BSC PublRe
Roden  Jenny Catherine BAC CommSt
Rummage  Ashton Dannielle BSC PublRe
Schlarbaum  Benjamin Albert BS COMM JEM
Schoonmaker  Justin Richard BSC Jem
Shelton  Alexander Jared BSC Jem
Simmons  Jessica Lea BSC Jem
Steward  Caylee Anne BAC Comm Studies
Stewart  Emily Lynn BSC PublRe
Stickley  Tyler Jon BSC Adver
Tate  Victoria Jo BSC Jem
Threadgill  Nicole Elizabeth BAC CommSt
Varlan  Alexander Thomas BAC CommSt
Veazie  Caroline Annelle BSC Adver
Walling  Stephen Reid BAC CommSt
Young  Megan Alana BSC Adver

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Arts & Sciences (A-K) Nursing
Arts & Sciences (L-Z) Social Work
Business Administration Veterinary Medicine
Communication & Information  





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