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College of Communication & Information

Summer 2012 Confirmed Degrees

Allen  Victoria Danyelle BSC Publ Re
Alteri  Chandler Faith BSC JEM
Baker  Hillary Leigh BAC Comm Std
Barton  Gregory Claibourne BSC JEM
Beavin  Susan Frances BAC Comm Std
Behm  David Knupp BAC Comm Std
Bradley  Caitlin Lauren BSC Advert
Carter  Jaclyn Danyel BAC Comm Std
Coe, III  Lowry N. BSC Publ Re
Cook  Jannah Maryam BAC Comm Std
Craig  Bradley Allen BSC Advert
Davis  Alexander Bryan Cole BAC Comm Std
Davis  Andrea Nicolle BAC Comm Std
Dickenson  Cory Scott BAC Comm Std
Dove  Rachel Amanda BSC Advert
Frey  Jennifer Susan BAC Comm Std
Gardner  Lindsey Michelle BSC Publ Re
Goodrich  Amy Michelle BSC Publ Re
Graham  Matthew Patrick BSC JEM
Granberry  Sarah Campbell BSC Advert
Haines  Shannon Elizabeth BSC Advert
Hall  Anna Elizabeth BAC Comm Std
Haskew  Jacob Randall BSC JEM
Henry  Amanda Christina BSC Advert
Hesseldahl  Ashley Kristin BAC Comm Std
Houser  Bradley Christopher BAC Comm Std
Howard  George Maxwell BSC JEM
Jung  Sara Elizabeth BSC JEM
Kerrigan  Megan Rhea BAC Comm Std
Kleto  Constance Alexandra BSC Publ Re
Korthoff  Lindsey Ann  BSC Publ Re
LiMandri  Filippo Salvatore BAC Comm Std
Llewellyn  Kaitlyn Mae BAC Comm Std
Loveless  Samuel Jacob BSC JEM
Luo  Zhiwen BSC Advert
Madrid  Elizabeth A. BSC JEM
Martin  Austin Michael BAC Comm Std
McPherson  Elizabeth Leigh BAC Comm Std
Meewes  Eric Daniel BSC JEM
Mellon  Cassandra Ann BAC Comm Std
Mills  Wesley Thomas BSC JEM
Morgan  Amber Park BAC Comm Std
Murphree  Sarah Marie BSC JEM
Murphy  Michael Collin BAC Comm Std
Napier  Kathryn Hope BAC Comm Std
Ogle  Corey Wayne BSC JEM
Ohman  Joseph Charles R. BAC Comm Std
Palmer   Erica McLean BSC JEM
Paneral  Brian Alexander BSC JEM
Papa  Marcus Anthony BAC Comm Std
Pratt  Amanda Fostine BAC Comm Std
Rabb  Will Rene BSC JEM
Reed  Clara Fayssoux BSC JEM
Reed  Matthew Philip BAC Comm Std
Scheldt, III  Richard H.  BAC Comm Std
Schellhardt  Nicole Marie BAC Comm Std
Scotland  Brennan Burke BAC Comm Std
Shane  Christina Lauren BAC Comm Std
Soder  Scott Ryan BSC Advert
Spooner  Nicholas Anthony BSC JEM
Stewart  Lindsey Leigh BS in COMM JREM
Stites  Hannah Elyse BAC Comm Std
Stoltz  Joseph Daniel BSC Publ Re
Thompson  Leah Dakota BSC Advert
Thompson  Garrek Jordan BAC Comm Std
Tookes, Jr.  Milton Jerome BS in COMM JREM
Turner, Jr.  Ellis Leon BAC Comm Std
Vaughan  Anna Noelle BSC Publ Re
Vaughan  Rebecca Elaine BSC JEM
Williams  Joshua Bryant BSC JEM
Woods  Krisgianna Diors BAC Comm Std
Wurth  Lauren Anne BAC Comm Std


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