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Fall 2012 Confirmed Degrees

Abraham  John Ferguson BSME Mech Engr
Arimilli  Ravi Shankar BSCOME Comput Engr
Bachor  Ryan Christopher BSCE Civil Engr
Baumgartner  Erich Tibor BSME Mech Engr
Baxter  Adam Ross BSCE Civil Engr
Bedingfield  Joshua David BSEE Elect Engr
Berger  Nathaniel Austin BSCOME Comput Engr
Blackwell  Andrew Scott BSNE Nucl Engr
Blood  John Michael BSCS Comp Sci
Bowers  Matthew Jared BSEE Elect Engr
Boynce  Heather Danielle BSBME Biom Engr
Brassfield  Levon Terray BS ELEC ENGR ELECT ENGR
Brooksbank  Jeremy Alan BSCHE Chem Engr
Broomell, III  Richard Dean BSME Mech Engr
Bryant  Clint Farris BSAE Aero Engr
Burns  Benjamin Robert BS COMP SCI COMP SCI
Buswell  Jonathan Wright BSME Mech Engr
Butler  Alexandria Leigh BSBME Biom Engr
Campbell  John Steven BSAE Aero Engr
Campbell  Shelby Leigh BSBME Biom Engr
Carasik  Lane Benjamin BSNE Nucl Engr
Carr, Jr.  Anthony Bryan BSCE Civil Engr
Chandler  Joshua Ryan BSNE Nucl Engr
Chapman  Shayna Rose BSCE Civil Engr
Charm  Rosesharon Kweigyirba BSIE Indr Engr
Chase  Bradley Paul BSCE Civil Engr
Chase  Miles Thomas BSME Mech Engr
Clukey  Steven Andrew BSCOME Comp Engr
Coleman  Tyler Preston BSME Mech Engr
Collins  Price Alexander BSNE Nucl Engr
Cossey  Derek Wayne BSEE Elect Engr
Cruzen  Amanda Rose BSCE Civil Engr
DeMint  Hunter Morgan BSAE Aero Engr
Dhoruai  James Ghum BSEE Elect Engr
Dison  Erich Adam BSCOME Comput Engr
Dowdy  Jesse Aaron BSEE Elect Engr
Drewry  Gregory Alan BSEE Elect Engr
Dunn  Janelle L. BSIE Indr Engr
Elam  Caleb Joshua BSCE Civil Engr
Ellis  Drew Murphy BSME Mech Engr
Ellis  Kristopher Chase BSEE Elect Engr
Estes  Russell Travis BSME Mech Engr
Fawkes  Alexander DeLany BSCS Comp Sci, Math
Foster  Allyson Nicholle BSCE Civil Engr
Gangaware  Evan Hastings BSME Mech Engr
Garland  Preston David BSCOME Comput Engr
Gastineau  Benjamin Scott BSME Mech Engr
Geary  Scott Edward BSNE Nucl Engr
Golliher  Christopher Hogan BSCE Civil Engr
Graham  Austin James BSBME Biom Engr
Graham  Benjamin Allen BSBME Biom Engr
Hagar  Jeremy Keith BSCIVE Civil Engr
Harmon  Ian Michael BSCS Comp Sci
Hashemian  Alexander Hashem BSME Mech Engr
Hayes  Jordan Avery BSCE Civil Engr
Hayes, Jr.  James Bryon BSBME Biom Engr
Henry  Michael George BSME Mech Engr
Hollingsworth, II  Edward Lee BSME Mech Engr
Holtsclaw  James Kyle BSCE Civil Engr
Horton  Timothy Wayne BSCE Civil Engr
Hull  James Alan BSCE Civil Engr
Jansen  Kaitlyn Danielle BSIE Indr Engr
Jeppesen  Zachary Brian BSME Mech Engr
Jones  James Raymond BSCE Civil Engr
Kempka  Kyle Richard BSME Mech Engr
King  Wesley Aaron BSME Mech Engr
Liebschwager  Stephen Andrew BSNE Nucl Engr
Lyons  Andrea Marie BSNE Nucl Engr
Manning  Christopher James BSIE Indr Engr
Martin, III  John Gray BSCHE Chem E, Math
Maynes  James Gordon BSCE Civil Engr
McCullough  Joshua Michael BSME Mech Engr
McNabb  William Marcus BSEE Elect Engr
McNamee  Kenneth James BSCE Civil Engr
Melton  Matthew Richard BSCHE Chem Engr
Menke  Charles Richard BSNE Nucl Engr
Morris  Aaron Bradford BSCE Civil Engr
Oakley  Cory Steven BSME Mech Engr
Oduor  Josiah Douglas BSMSE Mats Sci En
Ollis  Thomas Benjamin BSEE Elect Engr
Palmer  Michael William BSCE Civil Engr
Parker  Ryan Lee BSEE Elect Engr
Parunak  Jeremiah Van Dyke BSCE Civil Engr
Patel  Ayushi Hemant BSCS Comp Sci, Math
Pendergrass  Zachary Myles BSMSE Mats Sci En
Peters  Alexander Emmanuel BSCHE Chem Engr
Pitcher  Brian David BSME Mech Engr
Rand  Alexander Slater BSCE Civil Engr
Ritchey  Christopher Michael BSME Mech Engr
Roberts  Leslie Ann BSCE Civil Engr
Rungee, II  Joseph Patton BSCE Civil Engr
Russell  Nathan Andrew BSME Mech Engr
Rutherford  Tyler E. BSCE Civil Engr
Sharber  William David BSCS Comp Sci
Shelton  Justin Chase BSME Mech Engr
Shirey  Alexandria Nichole BSIE Indr Engr
Singleton  Eric Dylan BSME Mech Engr
Smolko, III  John Francis BSIE Indr Engr
Spradlin  Jeremy Lee BSIE Indr Engr
Stank  Theodore Logan BSCOME Comput Engr
Steinman  Andrew James BSCE Civil Engr
Stutz  Daniel L. BSME Mech Engr
Swearingen  Stephen David BSME Mech Engr
Thornbury  Matthew Lowry BSNE Nucl Engr
Trotter   Elizabeth Ashley BSME Mech Engr
Turner  Rebecca Ann BSCE Civil Engr
Upchurch  David Alan BSEE Elect Engr
Vaughn  Travis Benjamin BSME Mech Engr
Warner  Evan James BSBME Biom Engr
West  John Charles BSCE Civil Engr
Wheeler  Richard Alan BSCE Civil Engr
Whitener  William Andrew BSNE Nucl Engr
Williams  Andrea Marina BSIE Indr Engr
Wills  Andrew Belden BSBME Biom Engr


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