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Fall 2012 Confirmed Degrees

Adams  Ashley Brooke BSED Kinesio
Adrian  Jonathan Michael BSSM HRT
Allen  Zachary Logan BSED Kinesio
Atherton  Nicholas Browning BSED RSM
Baldwin, III  John Ervin BSED Kinesio
Basham  Brittney Kaitlin BSHHS CFS
Becker  Garrett Cole BSED RSM
Binhammer  Martin Lee BSED Exer Sci
Boadi  Samuel Nana BSED Kinesio
Breiner  Lauren Ashley BSSM RCS
Brooks  Mallory Ann BSHH` CFS
Brown  Carter Allen BSED RLS
Brown  Melissa Nicole BSED Kinesio
Camargo  William Peter BSED RSM
Cargile  Christie Marie BSED Kinesio
Cargile  Kayla Nicole BSED RSM
Chrisman  Kathryn June BSED Kinesio
Coffey  Danielle Victoria BS EHHS REC/SPORT MGT
Colvin  Alecia Nicole BSED Kinesio
Conkic  Boris BSED Spt Mgt
Connolly  Jennifer Marie BSED RLS
Cupp  Meagan Gwynne BSSM HRT
DiMatteo  Patricia Rose BSED Kinesio
Eladawy  Shady BSSM HRT
Eldridge  Magan Green BSED Spec Ed
Evans  Taylor Elizabeth BSED Kinesio
Farmer  Zachary Tyler BSED Kinesio
Fickling  Justin Clay BSED RSM
Foltz  Cameron Austin BSSM HRT
Ford  Scott Harrison BSSM HRT
Foster   Paul Andrew BSED Spt Mgt
French  John Tyler BSED RSM
Gomez  Robert Joseph BSED Kinesio
Gray  Chesnea Jean BSHHS CFS
Guenter  Alexis Jean BSED Spt Mgt
Harris  Cory David BSSM HRT
Hassell  Chelsea Taylr BSSM HRT
Hicks, Jr.  James Stacy BSED Spt Mgt
Howard  Sarah Mills BSED Spt Mgt
Hubbs  William Tyler BSED RLS
Hudson  Matthew Douglas BSED Kinesio
Hurst  Heather Marie BSED Kinesio
Isaacs  David Leonard BSSM RCS
Johnson  Markia Patrice BSED RSM
Keathley  Hannah Lane BSED RSM
Kloss  Ande Mae BSED Kinesio
Lauderdale  Erika Brooke BSED Kinesio
Leonard  Ellie Virginia BSED Kinesio
Lofton  Meagan Mims BSSM HRT
Lyscas  Samantha Jean BSSM HRT
Madden  Courtney Lynne BSSM Retail/Spt Mgt
Majors  William Bobo BSED Kinesio
Marcum  Colin Jeffrey BSED Spt Mgt
Markowitz  William Brent BSED RSM
Max  Kristina Marie BSED Spec Ed
McCormick  Megan Elizabeth BSSM HRT
Mondelli  Valerie Lee BSSM HRT
Morgan  Michael Jennings BSED Spt Mgt
Munday  Haley Nicole BSHHS CFS
Nichols  Grant Sullivan BSSM HRT
Noe  Rebekah Marie BSED RLS
Omvig  Aaron Alexander BSSM HRT
Owenby  Stephen Walter BSED Kinesio
Parsley  Trey Garrett BSED Kinesio
Patel  Ruchi Jayesh BSHHS Nutrition
Patten  Ashley Ann BSED Spec Ed
Pendleton  John Stevens BSED Spt Mgt
Persico  Christina Nicole BSSM HRT
Peterson  Katherine Rose BSED Exer Sci
Poltera  Ladina BSED RSM
Potts  Laura Anne BSHHS CFS
Priestley  Sarah Margaret BSED Spec Ed
Pritchard  Michelle Lorion BSED Kinesio
Rehme, II  Timothy John BSED Kinesio
Ring  Nathan Andrew BSED Rec/Spt Mgt
Robinson  Caroline Elizabeth BSSM HRT
Robuck  Matthew Stephen BSSM HRT
Rose  Hannah Lenise BSSM HRT
Sanders  William Kyle BSED Spt Mgt
Schaefer  Caroline Virginia BSHHS CFS
Schilling  Jessica BSED Spec Ed
Seaman  Taylor James BSED Kinesio
Sexton  Rachel Allyson BSHHS CFS
Shepard  Wesley Aaron BSED Kinesio
Slagle  Laura Summers BSHHS CFS
Snider  Rachel Brooke BSSM HRT
Stone  Elaine Marie BSED RSM
Sutherland  Caitlin Nicole BSED RSM
Szukelewicz  Mary Claire BSED Spec Ed
Teague  Marsalis Terrell BSED Rec/Spt Mgt
Thompson  Emily Ruth BSED RSM
Turk  Justin Christopher BSSM RCS
Vinh  Trang Huyen BSSM HRT
Wannamaker  Adrian Lamar BSED Kinesio
White  Justin Todd BSED RSM
White, Jr.  William Edward BSED Spec Ed
Whittaker  Chelsey Anne BSHHS CFS
Williams  Sarah Natalie BSED RLS
Williams  Taylor Eason BSED Kinesio
Wilson  Brandon Scott BSED RSM
Wilson  Jeremy Richard BSED Spt Mgt
Worthington  Elizabeth Emma BSHHS CFS


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