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Fall 2012 Confirmed Degrees

Antrican  Alea Brooke BSAN Anim Sci
Aytes  Christopher Alan BSARE FAB
Baker  Tyler Wayne BSPS Plant Sci
Bale  Jenna Nicole BSFS FST
Booher  Karli Nicole BSAN Anim Sci
Brand  Mabre Danielle BSWFS WFSci
Brawner  Derek Anthony BSWFS WFSci
Bruce  Alexander Ian BSESS ESS
Burg  Kathleen Rachelle BSFS FST
Castleberry  James Russell BSPS Plant Sci
Caylor  Lauren Ashley BSAN Anim Sci
Chun  Peter Byung Hyun BSAN Anim Sci
Crabtree  Samantha Lea BSAN Anim Sci
Crawford  Jordan Elias BSWFS WFSci
Cruey  Steven Andrew BSESS ESS
Dalton  William Tyler BSAG ANRLEC
Duggan  Bryan Joseph BSF Forest
Ellis  Catherine Michelle BSESS ESS, Geol
Enochs  William Thomas BSESS ESS
Fest  Cassandra Sue BSAN Anim Sci
Finney  William Franklin BSARE NREE
Forte  Kathryn Mary BSAN Anim Sci
Goss  Ryan Andrew BSAN Anim Sci
Hannah  Robert Dake BSFS FST
Harb  Jonathan Cory BSF Forest
Harrison  Jonathan Carwin BSARE FAB
Herbert  Sarah Kathryn BS AG ANRL
Holt  Jennifer Colleen BSAN Anim Sci
Jones  Julie Dean BSPS Plant Sci
Keith  Ryan Daniel BSWFS WFSci
Kernica  Irene Christine BSAN Anim Sci
Kpodo  Kouassi BSAN Anim Sci
Large  Christopher Michael BSESS ESS
Lawson  Vance Arland BSPS Plant Sci
Lee  David Patrick BSWFS WFSci
Linkous  Jessica Drinnon BSESS ESS
McClure  Lydia Anna BSF Forest
McCormick  Jesse M. BSPS Plant Sci
McGregor  Bethany Lynn BSWFS WFSci
Mitchell  Brittany Jerease BSAN Anim Sci
Moore  Emily Sue BSFS FST
Morgan  Jamie Victoria BSARE FAB
Motruk  Steven Joseph BSBSE Biosys Engr
Mulderig  Bailey Jennifer BSAN Anim Sci
Mullinax Johnston  Lauren A. C. BS ANIMAL SCI ANIMAL SCI
Norris, Jr.  John Wayne BSAN Anim Sci
Oetting  Craig Louis BS PLANT SCI PLANT SCI
Oliff  Kathryn Ellen BSAN Anim Sci
Parker  John Andrew BSWFS WFSci
Perry  Carly Jo BSAN Anim Sci
Potts, Jr.  Eugene Franklin BSWFS WFSci
Rhome  Chip BSWFS WFSci
Roesler  Kara LeAnn BSPS Plant Sci
Seaton  Jason Michael BS FORS FORESTRY
Sheffield  Danielle Dae BS ANIMAL SCI ANIMAL SCI
Shepard  Michael Andrew BSARE FAB
Smith  Cody Thomas BSAG FAB
Snider  Abra Lorell BSAN Anim Sci
Stutts  Dustin Ashley BSF Forest
Swanson  Christopher Joseph BSAN Anim Sci
Tacey  Nicole Brittany BSAN Anim Sci
Taylor  Aaron Skyler BS FOOD SCI FOOD SCI
Taylor  Adrienne Marie BSAN Anim Sci
Thomas  Ian Graham BSWFS WFSci
Turner  David Hunter BSF Forest
Upchurch  Emily Kate BSAN Anim Sci
VanGrinsven  Eric BSPS Plant Sci
Weston  Christina Lynn BSAN Anim Sci
White  Andrew Ashlin BSPS Plant Sci
Wilkinson  Sasha Marie BSFS FST
Williams  Austin Lee BSF Forest
Wilons  Jonathan Ross BSPS Plant Sci
Wood  Chance Ty BSAG FAB
Yantis  Joseph Crisman BSBSE Biosys Engr
Yeaman  Duncan Grant BS PLANT SCI PLANT SCI


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