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About Banner DARS

DARS, short for Degree Audit Reporting System, is an automated system that compares student's completed coursework with the requirements for their degree and produces a report (sometimes called an audit) detailing their progress towards that degree. The report also lists the classes that need to be taken making it a great planning tool for future semesters. All of this information is contained in your DARS report which is available online via MyUTK.

A DARS report can also evaluate different scenarios (degree options like minors, second degrees, changing the degree you are seeking) that you may want to consider. The project is managed centrally from the Office of the University Registrar.

In short, a DARS report (audit) will show:

  • which degree requirements have been met
  • which requirements are incomplete and what has to be done to complete them
  • how transfer courses apply toward requirements
  • the student's current GPA
  • any exceptions that have been made for a student

Faculty and Advisor Access for Banner DARS

Access to Banner DARS is based on your Banner security access. For Banner access complete the Banner System Account Request Form.

For information - Banner Access and Training.

Banner DARS is made available through the efforts of the Office of the University Registrar in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology. Several advising centers across the Knoxville campus also assisted in making Banner DARS a reality.

The current version of Banner DARS is the first in a series of phases that will bring students more tools to manage their academic lives. Several more stages are planned for DARSweb including making the utility available to Graduate students.

Currently, Banner DARS is only available to Undergraduate Students.

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