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The Office of the University Registrar invites you to recommend topics for future training sessions. If there is an area of DARWIN you are interested in, or if you have personnel who are new to DARWIN and need training, please let us know.

DARWIN processes a student's academic progress (courses) through a system of requirements which comprise individual degree programs. During the process, courses that are applicable by the various requirements are applied to the requirement and tagged with any applicable condition codes, control codes, etc. to make the course adhere to the rules of that requirement. When all processing is complete, the Degree Audit is produced.

Occasionally, there are circumstances that fall outside of the mandated parameters of the Dprog which necessitate the student being granted an exception to force DARWIN to use a course other than what is stated, or use a course other than in the manner that is stated. To make these allowances, college staff will use an exception.

If there are specific areas that you would like to see training materials for, please let us know by email at

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